minimalism with character

observant nomad | minimalism with character

image by Eve Wilson for The Design Files

Every so often I get the redecorating bug. Usually toward the end of the year when it’s chilly outside and I’m spending more time at home, I start to notice all the little things I want to change about every room!

This year it feels twice as noticeable. Being an itchy-footed person by nature, I’m always looking to change my surroundings. So when I renewed my lease for another 6 months I was feeling a little blah about not having an excuse to redecorate. So I’ve decided to start redecorating anyway!

For right now, my method to the madness is to start slowly. Instead of focusing on just the aesthetics, I’m going to organize and de-clutter my items first. There are plenty of things I could probably get rid of or figure out how to better put it together. Once I’ve landed on a strategy to the organization, then I can go out and find the right ‘things’ to hold all my stuff and make it look pretty.

observant nomad | minimalism with character

clockwise: bedroom by eve wilson for the design files / shelves via the cozy space / credenza brittany ambridge for domino /
dining table by studio oink for the style files

So when I decided I was going to tackle this ‘winter redeux project’, I started sorting through my pins on Pinterest to find the right aesthetic I wanted to move towards. What I noticed is that my natural progression of aesthetics has shifted subtly over time.

For a while I wanted to be one of those people who can live in an empty white box with a window and be happy. But I found that the more I took away the color, texture, and decor of my home, the less I actually liked it. So it’s refreshing and liberating to accept that I’m someone who needs art, textures, and little pops of color here and there. I can’t wait to shape my home into something that feels more like me.

These little images of homes above feel like my sweet spot; rustic, eclectic, modern, yet minimal as well. If you want to see what my apartment looks like now, you can take a tour of Apartment 203. To see more rooms like these, check out my interior board on Pinterest.