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It’s about time for some design work updates don’t you think? I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anushé Low since late last year and we’ve been working hard creating a new branding identity for her wedding photography business. We’ve finally wrapped up the branding and have moved onto designing her website, which I imagine will be launching in no time at all.

But I wanted to give you a glimpse back in time a few months ago when we were deep in exploration of her logo. You might remember the initial moodboard? It was lovely, full of soft pinks and cool grays. Accented with hints of rose gold and sleek modern design. After a couple rounds we ended up with a slight variation on one of these concepts.

observant nomad | progress : anushe low

How we got here was an interesting journey. At the start of a project I walk my clients through a carefully crafted series of questionnaires and worksheets that get to the depth of what their brand really stands for. With Anushé’s background in architecture and design, we knew right away that we wanted to make sure the logo articulated her high sense of style, and her affinity for structured lines and editorial compositions.

So after the first round we were left feeling that the designs were too soft or minimal. They either had too many soft edges and curves which didn’t successfully demonstrate her aesthetic. But… there was a strong concept within the initial round that lead us to this round you see here. By combining the design of an abstract shutter with a wedding ring we could quickly communicate exactly what Anushé is all about. Then I just had to put on my architect hat and create a logo that felt like the blueprint to her design.

I feel so happy with where we landed and I love it when a concept (not just the physical design) dictates a brand’s identity. I can’t wait to show you more. So stick around to see the final branding package when we’re done.


Into the Weekend


observant nomad | into the weekend

image via rosie and celeste

Whew what a week! I’ve been working on some really exciting projects these last couple weeks and I can’t wait to share more of it as it comes. But now that the work week is winding down I’m looking forward to getting outside this weekend and enjoying some warmer weather. I’m also planning on testing out and shooting my first exotic ingredient post. Until then, here are some articles I found interesting or awesome this week.


+ I was nodding the entire time reading this piece by Sian Richardson on her top 5 branding tips for new business owners.

+ Feeling a bit undirected and inspirationally dried up? Let’s just say, here’s your sign.

+ Sometimes you just need to throw everything out and do what’s good for your soul. Talk about taking a big risk.

+ From the industry shakers at IDEO, now you can take the same classes online at IDEO U.

+ Talk about some fun packaging design. Bold, cute, yet simple.

+ My new favorite tool when choosing typefaces.

+ Have you been following Shauna’s new feature, Branded? It become one of my favorites that I look forward to.


Refocus on Health


observant nomad | refocus on health

It seems to be that time. The temps are slowly rising, the sun is setting later, and everyone is dusting off their workout gear to get back into the swing of spring. Everyday after work I notice more and more spandex wearing people sprinting around my neighborhood. That compounded with all the rich food I could handle in New Orleans (part one + part two), I can’t help but feel the itch to get back into my old workout routine too.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been active in one sport or another. Mostly because I’ve always really enjoyed physical challenges, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned it’s one of my flow states. I’ve been a serious runner, volleyball player, muay thai & kickboxing enthusiast, and for a while I was super into weight training. Heck, I even completed my first triathlon last year.

So naturally when I see the park by my house full of runners, bikers, and volleyball nets, I remember how much I loved being that girl. The one who didn’t have time for makeup or hair because she was either going to or from the gym, eating healthy meals full of colorful ingredients, and feeling really strong and confident about my body.

For me, health is entirely about how my body feels. Not how much I weigh or the imperfections every human body has. It’s all about when I’m running that 7th mile on a long gorgeous spring day, and my body literally feels like it could fly off the ground. It’s the difference between being stressed and lazy all the time, to feeling indestructible and full of energy. Endorphins do a body good.

I’m eager to start getting back on track, so I’ve begun to deliberately shift my focus to eating better. I really want to get that difficult habit in place again before I add the new routine of working out to the mix. Then after a couple weeks of fueling my body better, I’ll start getting more serious about working out again. I’m planning on mixing running (my favorite) with heavy lifting. It’s been a while since I’ve really felt strong, and I’m ready to do it again. Any ideas of the next sport I should try?


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new orleans, part two


new orleans / observant nomad

Happy Monday y’all. I love saying y’all. Makes me wish I was born in the south so I had some excuse to say it more often. In New Orleans I can get away with saying it though, because no one knows I’m not from there. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Besides saying y’all at every opportunity, I also took every chance to soak up the sunny weather of our last days in New Orleans (if you missed part one, you can read about it here). The change in weather allowed us to spend a lot more time walking around the city including the Garden District.

After waking up a little late in the day, we took a cab over to  Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar for some eggs over easy and freshly squeezed OJ. Then we took a little walking tour of some of the more famous houses within the neighborhood. We learned a little bit about the architecture of the time and the history of New Orleans which is absolutely fascinating. I even got to gander at the Anne Rice house and the beautiful place where they filmed Benjamin Button.

new orleans / observant nomad

new orleans / observant nomad

After walking around all day we headed into the Business District, where there are plenty of amazing restaurants to try. We landed on Cochon Restaurant to switch it up from all the seafood we’d been having.

Of course we had to try fried alligator with chili garlic mayonnaise, which was spicy and satisfying. Rus got the savory ham hock with sweet potato & brussels sprouts which fell off the bone and smelled heavenly. We ate several more dishes, including a rich and creamy mac + cheese, before heading home and passing out far too early in a self-induced food coma.

The next morning was our last day in New Orleans, so with the sun shining and temps rising, we decided to take our time enjoying the French Quarter.

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new orleans, part one


new orleans / observant nomad

The first few days back from vacation are always tough. Your mind is in full-time relaxation fun mode, and checking off the to-do list is the last thing you want to do. It seems even harder when you get back from a trip where you’re on the go for most of it. It’s almost like you need a vacation from the actual vacation. Usually I’m really good about balancing running around with relaxation, but in a city like New Orleans there’s always too much to do and too little time.

We left a sunny Colorado and landed in a bitter chilly New Orleans on Thursday. The temperatures were lower in the south than the Rocky Mountains! Which goes to show that travel weather is always a luck of the draw. It didn’t bug me a bit since we had both packed and planned for the weather appropriately. Once we settled into our Airbnb for the stay, we decided to take advantage of the overcast weather and hit up all the touristy spots.

new orleans / observant nomad

new orleans / observant nomad

We knew that no one would be out, and that meant we didn’t have to fight a crowd or wait in a single line. We warmed up with some chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde (which Rus fell in love with) and then walked around the quarter for a little while soaking it all in.

After walking for as long as we could take it, we decided to make our way to a cozy bar and warm up. I’ve been to New Orleans once before with some friends and knew I had to take Rus to Hotel Monteleone to see the famous Carousel Bar. Even though we didn’t get a seat at the bar, I’m glad we stopped by again cause it brought back some fond memories of the last time I was there.

We sipped on our hot toddies and quickly made our way to another favorite spot of mine, the Napoleon House.

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