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Meet Toro

Meet Toro | Observant Nomad

Meet Toro | Observant Nomad

Say hello to Toro.

About two months ago I fell in love with this tiny little kitten who is an absolutely playful sweetheart. For quite some time I had been pining for a furry friend of my own. I was always hesitant since caring for an animal is a huge commitment and I still wanted to spend my life traveling. So I never bit the bullet.

Then around winter last year I decided that my rationalization was really just fear. Fear of commitment. So I decided to get over it with and adopt a kitten for my birthday. After visiting MaxFund Animal Shelter and spending some time with different kittens, I knew this little tuxedo cat was the one.

He was so cute, playful, friendly, and wasn’t shy at all. Toro had a great disposition and didn’t mind being picked up quite a bit or having his paws touched a lot. It’s important to study how a cat reacts to your touch and how receptive they are to human interaction.


After the adoption papers went through I got to bring Toro right home. Now no lie, in the beginning I had a little bit of new pet buyer’s remorse. I remember feeling anxious and worried a lot in the beginning. And on top of that I was starting to have some serious allergic reactions.

Lots of worry thoughts ran through my head. What was I thinking? What would happen when I traveled? What if I moved? What would we do about my really bad allergies? But I really wanted to try, so I decided to give it at least two weeks like the shelter suggested.


In those two weeks, I did become more attached to Toro. I mean he makes me laugh everyday, and I’ve seen him become more independent. Unfortunately I was still having allergies and the ol’ panicked feeling from time to time.

But I couldn’t imagine taking him back or giving him away. So instead I shifted my focus on how to fight my allergies as best as I could, because I wanted to make it work.

In these last two months I have googled a lot of kitty behaviors, kitty training techniques, dealing with kitty allergies, and all about how to take care of this guy. Gaining that knowledge really helped me feel better, and more capable to deal with the situation. And now, I really can’t imagine my life without him. My little Toro is the best around.


And after trying every allergy solution in the book (not touching my face, limited room access, an air-purifier, allergy wipes, bathes, anti-allergen sheets, etc) ironically and somehow, my body has completely adapted to his specific chemistry. So no more allergies – whoohoo!

I know this doesn’t happen to everyone but it took these entire two months for my body to adapt, so I’m glad I hung in there! Plus look at how much he’s grown!

Between that and a travel test run to Seattle (My mom babysat – he was an angel) I realized no situation is ever going perfect 100% of the time. I can’t control the outcome before it happens.

In life you just have to confront the challenges as they reveal themselves. So maybe one day we will face those scary questions I have always been worried about. But at least for now I feel so much more confident that there will be a solution out there.

What do you think?

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He is soooooo adorable! Looks exactly like my Shrek. Obsessed with tuxedo cats


Aren’t they the best! I wish I could let Toro run around without a collar, because his neck is so pretty.

Toro is a cutie.

I admire your commitment to giving him a home despite the allergies. Glad to hear you’ve got them under control.

He is just adorable! I am glad you decided to take the plunge and get a cat. I couldn’t imagine not having our two, Henry and Scout. They add so much spunk to my life :)


Aw Scout is such a cute name for a cat! It’s true Toro makes me laugh on a daily basis. I love how quirky he is.

Awww, Toro is adorable!!! I used to not like cats, but my husband convinced me otherwise and now I can’t imagine life without my little Jude :)


It’s funny because I still don’t consider myself a 100% cat person, but I’m just crazy about Toro haha. Yay for guys who like cats!

Sandy Slowey

Brianna, What a surprise to find you in a Yelp review. It led me to your website. So you’ve broken down and gotten your own Mewtin! Toro is adorable. I’m so glad your allergies went away so that you can enjoy him. BTW I got to be loved by Mewtin this past week when we went to visit Anna for a full 10 days. Of course, we loved being with Anna, too! Have fun with Toro!


Haha hi Sandy! The internet makes the world a very small place. I’m so glad you stumbled over here, you’re welcome anytime ;) I do miss Mewtin from time to time and think her and Toro would be besties. I’m glad to hear Anna and kitten are happy as can be.