Happy Holidays

December 29, 2014 - 8:00 am

happy holidays | observant nomad

happy holidays | observant nomad

happy holidays | observant nomad

happy holidays | observant nomad

Happy holidays! I hope you had a nice time with family and friends. I know I’ve really enjoyed the time away from it all. This Christmas my mom rented a cabin in the mountains for the family to come and visit. The cabin was really gorgeous, full of mountainy knick-knacks and fireplaces. It snowed the whole time, which was perfect to get us in the mood. We watched christmas movies, played board games, drank too much hot cocoa, and relaxed in the hot tub.

On Christmas Eve we made a tapas bar full of some of my favorite snacks from Spain including stuffed piquillo peppers, traditional tortilla, and patatas bravas. We also had plenty of olives and spanish cheeses to keep a girl happy for some time. Mom made me a basket of travel items which was really thoughtful and I enjoyed my Christmas Eve slippers. All in all it was a nice little trip for the holidays.

Keystone, CO

January 13, 2014 - 8:00 am

Observant Nomad | Keystone Village

It’s really wonderful to be able to get away for a weekend – even if it’s not that far from home. So for our birthdays, Rus and I booked a trip to Keystone, CO. Keystone is most locals’ favorite place to ski, and we usually make day trips out of it. But this time we wanted to stay up in the mountains for a few days and really enjoy getting away

Observant Nomad | Keystone Rus

Observant Nomad | Keystone Boots

Observant Nomad | Keystone Boards

Now, I’m no snowboarder (or skier for that matter). But I grew up in skiing with my Dad, but as I grew older I didn’t enjoy it as much and lost all confidence in it. So I’d rather save my money for the spa or warm cocktails at the lodge.

While Rus was boarding, I walked around the village and went shopping. After building up some hunger in the snow, I decided on some lunch at Kickapoo, which is the locals’ favorite spot for post-ski beer and nosh.

After I headed over to Inxpot to catch up on some reading (yay!) and coffee, Rus met up with me for a long happy hour. I loved ending the night at our condo next to the fireplace with pizza and jenga. It was so fun enjoying each others company and relaxing with no rush to be anywhere.

Observant Nomad | Keystone Kickapoo

Observant Nomad | Keystone Food

Observant Nomad | Keystone Collage

Observant Nomad | Keystone Rink

Observant Nomad | Keystone Spa Day

The next day after Rus left to hit the slopes, I walked over to Keystone Lodge & Spa for a long and very relaxing massage treatment. The spa is quite beautiful, with touches of natural elements and soothing music throughout.

After an aromatherapy treatment, I dipped into the hot tub and let my muscles soak it all in. My masseuse was so wonderful and sweet – when she found out it was my birthday she sent a small complimentary bottle of champagne to the hot tub! The whole staff is truly personable, kind, and professional.

Observant Nomad | Keystone Tubing

Observant Nomad | Keystone Trees

Following my spa time, Rus appeased my childhood desire to go tubing. Snow Tubing at Keystone was the wonderful grown up version with tall plummets down the snow, over rolling hills. The huge conveyor belt helped by gliding us and our tubes to the top. It was really fun to get on the mountain for a bit.

Observant Nomad | Keystone Ski Tip LodgeSki Tip Lodge photo via Yelp

We ended our trip that evening, with a superbly fancy and delicious dinner at the Ski Tip Lodge. The B&B was tucked away behind the resort and is obviously (inside and out) a quaint and cozy old school cottage. I would recommend staying here if you want a romantic feel on your next trip.

It was a set four courses and after the entree, they escorted us to a lounge area next to the fireplace with vaulted wooden ceilings where we enjoyed our desert and some coffee. After being too full to move, we stayed in the rest of the evening.

Our trip was beautiful, relaxing, fun and everything we had wanted it to be. Rus and I both got our own ‘me’ time and also spent some time really bonding. Even if Keystone is only an 1 or so away, getting away has done wonders for our happiness and relaxation.