Forest Room 5

May 7, 2012 - 8:43 pm

Forest Room 5 must be my all time favorite bar in Denver. Its a place I can grab a casual Happy Hour and food with a friend. Or I can get dressed up and hit the town here too. It seems like Forest Room 5 lends herself to your needs. The service? That’s another beast entirely.

We were lucky enough to be promptly served and waited on by a fabulous little blonde with a red dress. The night was cool and crisp, so we knew we had to stop by the 24-hour fire pits to warm up. They are oh-so cozy and when I can’t make it into the mountains for last minute camping, this outdoor seating area does the trick.

I’m completely head over heels for Forest Room 5’s small hidden alcoves, tucked behind trees, around timber staircases, and atop lofted cabin interiors. The long community table inside feels warm and inviting. The completely wild timber interior encloses you into a National Park escape without the drive. Outside, under the large projection screen and behind tall aspen, you can find white aluminum picnic tables and wood stools to cozy up around on.

And with drinks like Spicy Palomas, Ce La Vie, Beez Neez, and the Forest Fashion – a mix of local whiskey, sage bitters, and ginger beer, it’s no wonder that this place feels like a storybook escape deep into mystical woods.

Please don’t miss this little eclectic stop in the Highlands next time you visit Denver. And make sure you invite me. And thanks to Anna (@twopennykarma) for capturing some shots of me for this post.

A Saloon Called Grizzly Rose

February 13, 2012 - 3:31 am

The Grizzly Rose. A staple amongst all Denver country-music connoisseurs. I must say I enjoy the character of the unique glow of blue-collar-beer neon lights. Not to get analytical about a country music bar, but I love that there’s something transparent and honest to it. The glass overhead lighting, tissue thin plastic cups of light beer, and masses of bedazzled tasseled leather jackets. Did I mention a questionable amount of cheap corn-syrup laden shots?

I’ve been to the Grizzly Rose a handful of times, at different ages, for different reasons. It’s a transportation into an entirely different culture than my everyday scene. A treasured Denver icon and more approachable than you would first imagine. This time I went for a debut MMA fight of a friend of mine, and she was spectacular. Even though she didn’t win the fight her technical skills and Muay Thai were respectable. Next time I know she’s gonna be fierce.

If you decide to stop by, try a free two step dance night and make sure to make time to hit the mechanical bulls.

The Grizzly Rose
5450 North Valley Highway (Lincoln Ave)
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 295-2353