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Hi, I’m Brianna
Art Director | Denver, CO

As a Colorado native, adventure has always been at the core of who I am. My childhood was often spent in the great outdoors, discovering quiet lush hiking trails and breathtaking scenes of grand mountain ranges.

So it’s no surprise that when I got my first taste of international travel, I was instantly hooked. From Rome to Tagazhout, Dublin to Sydney, I’ve seen a lot. And traveling the world has become my greatest passion.

While I do make an effort to explore the great wide world as much as possible, these days you will most likely find me at a local coffee shop in my hometown, Denver, CO.

Currently I work as a full-time Art Director. But outside of work I spend my days seeking out ways to explore creativity, adventure, and curating a life lived with intention.

About the Blog

The Observant Nomad began as a personal/design blog in 2012. After finding myself a little uninspired by the 9-5 routine, the blog became an outlet for me to find adventure and creativity in more parts of my life.

Today, Observant Nomad serves as a personal & lifestyle blog that inspires me (and hopefully others) to seek out a life of full of adventure near and far, creativity in the everyday, and designing a life well-lived with intention.

I am currently not working with brand partners or sponsors. Everything I post is of my own opinion and without compensation.

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