Simple Halloween Decor

simple halloween decor / via observant nomad

Usually I put out spooky decorations, pumpkins, and haunted accoutrement pretty much the day October 1st hits. But this year between moving and purging about 85% of the stuff I own (thanks Marie Kondo) I was left mostly halloween decor barren.

The great part about the Marie Kondo method is that now I’m more purposeful in my curation of the items that fill my home. So right now I’m slowly adding long-lasting items to my seasonal decor. So this weekend I’ll be adding some pumpkins to the windowsill and creating this really cute moon phase wall hanging to help get into the spooky spirit.

So if you’re looking for something mostly timeless but still feels halloween, I thought I’d put together a round-up of my picks for the season.

I think one of the keys to decorating for the season without feeling trendy or gimmicky is relying heavily on naturally inspired elements like this wheat wreath or altering some gourds to hold taper candles. Another trick is to stay away from graphics or decals and find a color scheme. Maybe you like the rusty oranges and mustard yellows of the season. Or you prefer the traditional gothic black. Keeping that tie throughout pillows, candle holders, wall decor will really make the appeal of your decor last year after year.

wheat wreath | 2 rotera lantern & stabbig candle holder | 3 candles in gourds | 4 diy marble moon phase wall hanging | 5 wooden owl wall decor | 6 mongolian lamb pillow cover & suede tassel pillow cover

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So much love! Still can’t get over how much i adore these things!

i love the lantern and the marble moon!