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5 inspiring reads for creatives

If you’re an avid reader raise your hand. Me too. But I haven’t always felt that I had enough time to read as consistently as I wanted too. Maybe you can relate. It wasn’t until I started making a conscious effort to reshape my daily habits that I realized that wasn’t true.

During the last couple months I’ve slowly been re-shaping my daily routine. And with that I’ve made sure to incorporate more time to read more. One of the ways I’m doing this is by setting aside time each morning for reading. Instead of scrolling my iPhone when I wake up, I try and get out of bed to heat up some green tea. Then I spend the next 15 minutes or so with an inspiring book.

Being a night owl, I like that this short amount of reading helps me wake up slowly and on a positive note. I’ve decided that in the mornings I’ll only read either creatively or spiritually inspiring books. I save the night for my guilty pleasure reads, like lengthy sci-fi and fantasy novels.

If you’re interested in starting (or ending) your morning this way too, here are some creatively inclined books on my current reading list…
observant nomad / 5 inspiring reads for creatives

So far I’ve finished Creative Confidence and man, it was chock full of useful exercises and motivating stories. So useful for flipping the switch on your perspective of work and creativity. I’ve also read the Crossroads of Should and Must, but I do feel like it’s such an important message, so I like to re-read every so often to keep it top of mind.

Next on my list is one from the 99U series, Manage Your Day to Day. I’m excited to see if there’s any new tips or ideas on how to structure my days to get more out of them.

These are just the five creative books I’m planning on starting with, and soon I’ll supplement these with some more spiritual feel-good stuff too.


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01 Creative Confidence by Thomas Kelley & David Kelley / 02 Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert / 03
The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna / 04 The Artist’s Way
by Julia Cameron /05 Manage Your Day-To-Day from 99U / 06 Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory
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The Crossroads of Should and Must and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic were both great to read!