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Life Lately 19: Creative Confidence

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who loses track of the day to day as the month flies by. But the more and more I practice mindfulness, the more important remembering the small moments are to me.

I know as I repeat the same behaviors every day, the nuances can get lost in the repetition. So I want to get back to recording my present in a thoughtful and real way. I thought it might be nice to start putting together short reflections on the months as they come to an end.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

So let’s start with January.

This month I’ve been focusing my attention in my new passion project, as well as shifting some habits for the better. I’m starting to develop a new morning routine for myself involving meditation, yoga, and reading. I’ve really enjoyed the slow start to the day and am excited to continue to develop my morning practice.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

One of my other new habits to spend each Saturday morning at a local coffee shop. I like to take a bit of time journaling and savoring the start to my weekend. I live a few blocks from the new Allegro Roasters and it is such a calm, bright, and minimal space.

My friend bought me this new book, The Decision Book, for my birthday. And the analytical side of my brain I really loves all the charts, diagrams, and exercises. There have even been some exercises that really made me stop and look at situations in a totally new way. Very heady stuff.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

I’ve gotten back into the swing of painting again. After taking my pottery class last year, I decided to take another class but this time for oil painting. I used to oil paint in college but have kind of stopped since then. This is an image of the first layer which is created with a basic quick sketch with a warm burnt sienna color. Next steps are to start layering in the color.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

This month we finally got around to visiting a new hot spot in our neighborhood, the Bacon Social House. I loved the interior, it was so modern and fun. Most the western wall was made up of huge sliding garage windows creating an inviting and bright open space.

The food was very creative and tastefully done. And delicious! Don’t forget, delicious. I love that they have a theme and carry it throughout their food. There’s also some tasty gluten-free and vegetarian options too. Can’t wait to go back and try the dinner menu.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

January started off with a little birthday celebrating with Mom including a meal at one of my new local favs, Brazen. Some friends and us decided to kick off the new year with a trip to Top Golf to get our Tiger Woods on.

But even better, I got to be a comfy seat to one of my favorite toddlers while his parents and I enjoyed the 65 degree weather. Shhh, don’t tell anyone that winter is actually pretty mild here in Denver.

/ observant nomad / january retrospect

One thing that hasn’t changed… cuddling this guy nonstop. #toomanycatpics

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Your painting! I had no idea you painted, let alone so well. You talented lady, you! I’m actually hunting for a studio to learn oil painting in my area. Great round up… you’re making me want to hop over and visit Colorado!

I love your painting!

I too lose track of the day to day so easily. It’s so important to me to collect bits from my days and be mindful of my time. If I don’t then I look up and weeks or months have went by. It’s so almost mind numbing how quick time flies.