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/ making goals attainable / free worksheet pdf

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? This year was the first time in a while that it felt right to make some of my own. I already know this year is going to be full of changes and challenges, so I made some resolutions of my own.

But the problem with resolutions is that you usually just yell them out into the air and then, they’re gone. No follow-up. No holiday in June called “Did You Really Start Your Resolutions?” Day. No real accountability. Which I find makes it more difficult to actually get cranking on my goals. Are you the same way?

So for the last few months anytime I’ve made a goal I really want to accomplish I immediately start breaking it down into smaller and smaller bite size pieces. I’m actually doing this with a side passion project of mine right now, and so far it’s been working really well. It gives me short quick deadlines, keeps me from burning out, and breaks something imposing into more manageable amounts of work.

It’s been kind of life changing. My goals always used to be imposing mountains in the distance, and now they’ve become more of a hiking path to the destination. Instead of focusing on the summit, I’m focused on the next bend down the road. Such a better way to take a journey, if you ask me.

I thought you might like to try this method too, so I designed a free downloadable pdf for making your own goals more attainable.


First, download the free pdf and print it out. One sheet works for one goal, specific or general. Then start thinking real hard about the one thing you’ve been putting off or want to really focus on this year. Is it a big international trip? Running a marathon? Starting your own business? Or maybe it’s more general like, being healthier or a better partner.

If Your Goal is Specific

Once you’ve landed on the big dream write it into the top of the page – put it out in the universe and really commit to it. Then break it down into 12 or so smaller steps to get there. Write in these smaller goals on the lines next to each month.

Now sit and think about the first step. Can you break down your January goal into 4 baby steps? If your overall goal is to run that marathon your January goal might be to join a gym. The first baby step to this could be ‘make a list of 5 gyms nearby’. Then the next could be ‘call those 5 gyms and figure out pricing’, etc. Don’t be afraid if it seems silly or too small. These baby steps are how I get things done. If it sounds easy, it probably means you’ll do it.

Put each of these baby steps in the numbers below the coordinating month. The idea here is that you achieve one small baby step per week. This keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by the bigger goal, as well as maintaining a nice pace of new ends to focus on.

/ making goals attainable / free worksheet pdf

If your goal is more specific, you might be able to fill the entire sheet out in one sitting. For example if you want to run a marathon you can break down that big goal into measurable smaller steps. Like join a gym, develop a diet plan, run 3 miles, run 5 miles, etc.

If Your Goal is Abstract

Maybe you’re not quite sure how to measure your change. You just know you want to be better or evolve at something. Maybe it’s infusing creativity into everyday, staying in touch with loved ones, or be healthier overall. Whatever it is, write it into the top of the page. Now really think about what this new intention means to you. What are the many ways this might look like. Now list 12 or so smaller goals that achieve this overall intention.

If your goal is less specific and more general like ‘be healthier’ some smaller goals might be eat a healthier diet, hike more, or try new workouts. Now write these 12 smaller goals on the lines next to the first few months.

Once you have the first couple month’s intentions filled out, brainstorm some small ways to try this out. Some smaller steps for ‘eat healthier’ could be ‘try the 80/20 rule’, ‘stick to portion sizes’, ‘eat healthy snacks all week’, etc. Fill in one under each number of the month. These represent weeks, that way you can focus on the one goal of the week instead of trying to change every single behavior at once.

/ making goals attainable / free worksheet pdf

Its best to fill the sheet out every few months if you don’t have a measurable goal. That way you’re not burnt out or disconnected from the new goals you’re making. Now schedule some time down the road on your cali to re-evaluate your mini-goals and see what’s really working and not working.


That’s it! I hope you found this exercise useful. Let me know if it helped you stay accountable or if you found it too structured. I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish in the coming year. Good luck!

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This is awesome! And I am absolutely going to use it for myself + for my high school kids at work, especially the seniors who are trying to get everything accomplished before graduation. Thank you so much for sharing! And good luck to you + your intentions! xoxo


Nice! So glad this pdf will come in handy for you and your high schoolers. Wish I had thought of something like this my senior year!

this is amazing, thanks so much for sharing! definitely going to use that print out. :)