3 Easy Ways to Try Aromatherapy

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When I first started using essential oils about a year ago, I wasn’t really sure what the best ways to go about it. I knew that there were many benefits to using them, from deep relaxation, relieving sinus problems, and even easing headaches. And I wanted to try them for myself. But for as many benefits that existed, there were just as many ways to actually use them.

Some people use just the oil by itself, mix them in carrier oils, or you can use them in a bath. So when I first started aromatherapy I tried all of these methods and more. And after some time I have found some favorites, and some ways that didn’t work for me at all. So if you’re interested in starting to use aromatherapy too, here are the 3 easiest ways to get started.

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / via observant nomad

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / observant nomad

Before Bed

One of the best ways to start using aromatherapy is just before bed. Scents like lavender, ylang ylang, and others have been known to provide a more restful and relaxing sleep. My favorite ways to lull me into rest include a sleepy pillow mist and simple drops of a mixture of essential oils.

A pillow mist is a nice and subtle way to use aromatherapy in case you’re worried about applying oil right on the skin. If you’re open to trying both, I suggest using a roller-ball dispenser and mixing your essential oils with a carrier oil, like jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed or olive oil. Be careful when applying these since carrier oils can stain fabrics. I find that placing some behind my ears and on my wrists is enough to get the scent without it rubbing on my sheets.

Sleepy Mix

1/3 oz carrier oil (I prefer sweet almond)
10 drops lavender
5 drop ylang ylang
5 drops geranium

Add all ingredients to a roller-ball dispenser or in a amber bottle with dropper. Apply on pressure points or a few drops in your palms and rub together before inhaling deeply. Avoid areas around lips and eyes. Then feel yourself slowly lulled to sleep.

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / via observant nomad

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / via observant nomad

During Your Bath / Shower

Hot steamy rooms are the perfect time to use aromatherapy. Whether you prefer baths or showers, you can try aromatherapy during both. If you like to relax during a bath, you can add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil right into the water to get all the benefits. I prefer a mix of eucalyptus and lavender.

If you’d rather take a shower, you can purchase or make shower tablets that diffuse the scent as they melt away. Or, for something easier you can hang a damp washcloth from the spout and add a few drops to it. During your shower the steam and heat will disperse the scent. I find this is the perfect way to treat sinus problems or when I’m coming down with a cold.

Cold Buster Mix

5 drops eucalyptus
3 drops peppermint
3 drops lemon

Morning Wake Me Up

5 drops orange or lemon
3 drops frankincense
3 drops peppermint

Add these drops to a damp warm washcloth. Hang the cloth from the shower head, spout or in the bath tub. The heat should release the aroma into the air. If that’s not strong enough, feel free to wrap the warm cloth around your neck to get the scent closer to you. Should perk you right up!

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / via observant nomad

/ 3 ways to use essential oils / via observant nomad

In a Diffuser

The last way I recommend trying aromatherapy is in a candle or electric oil diffuser. I’ve always found mine at health food stores or places like Target. I’ve had an oil diffuser for the longest time and have always used it for The Body Shop’s home fragrance line (which I still love btw) but now I enjoy using both their oils and my own mixes of essential oils.

Depending on the mood I either like to add energy with citrus and bright scents, or relaxation with soothing lavender. If I’m feeling a bit frazzled or overwhelmed after work, I like to try my go-to focus and refresh mix. I find that it helps clear my mind, and gives me a calm feeling. Perfect for meditation or winding down after a stressful day.

Focus & Refresh Mix

2-3 tbsp water
5 drops rosemary
5 drops lavender
5 drops bergamot (or orange)

Add the ingredients to the top of the diffuser and turn on, or light a candle, to diffuse the scent. Check on the top every so often to replenish the water as it evaporates. Add oil for more scent as desired. Feel yourself start to melt the day away.

That’s it! These are such simple and approachable ways to test out aromatherapy. I’m sure once you find a mix you like you’ll stick with it for some time. Let me know what you think about my mixes, I’d love to know if you liked them or substitutions you like to make.

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this was exactly what i needed – i’ve been looking around for some trustworthy advice on how to introduce aromatherapy to my life. your tips for even enhancing a quick shower are the best – definitely going to try that this weekend. thanks dear!


Oh I’m so glad you liked it. Let me know if you try any and how they end up working for you.