2016 Resolutions

I’m not usually a big fan of resolutions. I’m the goal-oriented gal who is spending far too much time reflecting on what I need to change right now. So when the new year rolls around, it doesn’t always feel like a special occasion to make any new intentions or specific goals.

But I admit, this year feels a bit different. Sometimes you take a look at things and realize that you need to make some changes, both big and small. So after looking back on 2015 I’ve come out with some goals and motivations to follow this year.

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It’s no secret. Graphic designers, and most millenials, spend a ton of time in front of screens everyday. I personally feel like most people spend too much time in front of phones, tablets, computers, tvs, or whatever. And I see the side affects first hand. More and more people I know have a hard time staying present, connecting with people around them, and staying involved in hobbies that are more beneficial, um hello… myself included.

So while I’ve already cut down on most of my social media channels already (bye facebook, yelp, twitter, xyz social) this year I want to refine the practice and cut out even more screen time. So this year I’d like to take one full evening each week without a screen on. I’m looking forward to seeing how it impacts my life.

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Let’s Get International

I think the last time I used my passport was 2012. Yikes -__- that’s a while ago. If you dust off your browser, you might remember that was when we visited Playa del Carmen, Mexico. While we had an amazing time I hate to say that it’s been too long since I’ve gone on a great big adventure. So this year I’ve already started dreaming (literally) about my next destination. Can’t wait to let you know once it’s more solidified.

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Made by Hand

As an Art Director I’ve always loved watching Mad Men. It’s so fun and entertaining to see a tv show that glamorizes my industry and the history behind it. While there are plenty of falsities, the fact that art directors spent most their day drawing, cutting, pasting, coloring, painting ads, is totally true.

While watching those scenes I was always envious of the fact that they got to draw and make by hand all day. And for a while I’ve missed the satisfaction and connection I used to get when I put pen or brush to paper. So this year I’m planning on getting into more and more hobbies that involve my hands – including an oil painting class starting next week!

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Be Active

I’ve always gone through athletic spurts. I’m super dedicated once I’ve decided to stick to a work out regime and will go every day, eat right, and stay strong. My downfall comes when I start to get bored or stop seeing results – which can be a double edge sword sometimes. While working out you usually have to stay consistent to see results, if you switch up workouts too often you’ll hinder yourself from real changes. Which is exactly where I found myself a while ago – just bored and plateaued. I haven’t been consistent with workouts ever since.

So this year I’m starting small and trying to set a small goal of staying consistent. If that’s yoga 1x a week – great! If it’s running 3x a week, or hiking more often, great! I’m just trying to start a new habit of consistency. Then maybe I can tackle more extreme fitness goals, ha!

Well that’s about it. I mean who makes 4 new resolutions? Um, that would be me the over-achiever. Let’s see if I can keep these new intentions going and what tricks or tips I learn along the way. I’d love to hear your new intentions for 2016!

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Hi! We have some similar goals for this new year, which is always fun to see. I’m there 100% on the hobby/making things by hand thing! I’m doing creative projects to test out different mediums of crafting by hand, centered around ampersands. (haha.)

I love the idea of small habits for exercise! I was racking my brain for the best way to implement that into my life more this year, and that solution seems great! Good luck on your ventures!


Oh I love that you have a theme to your creative idea! Very smart. I should think about something similar. Thank you for your supportive words!