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Hello there! I’m not sure if you’re still reading this blog or not but if you are, I just wanted to give you a big thanks for sticking around. And I’ve missed you all lately. I know it’s the same old story, but I’ve been MIA due to work.

My position at the ad agency is pretty demanding, since it requires most of my waking hours and brain cells. Which is a great challenge, but it also makes it difficult to find the right balance with the other things in my life that I love doing, like blogging!

When our office closed for our annual winter break, I found myself wistfully thinking about my old hobbies and how much I wish I could devote more time to them. So in an effort to carve out more time doing what I love – I figured I’d start with blogging about this past year. I always enjoy looking back on the past 12 months since it highlights exactly how much I’ve truly experienced.

So let’s get started. Here are my top highlights of 2015.

New Orleans

2015 started with something in true Observant Nomad fashion – getting ready for my next trip. In early March we decided to jump on down to the south and visit New Orleans (part one and part two).

I visited for the first time several years ago with friends from collage, and have loved it ever since. When we were chatting about the next place to go, New Orleans felt like something we couldn’t put off any longer.

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

new orleans / observant nomad


new orleans / observant nomad

new orleans / observant nomad

Moving In Together

Soon after, we took a break from our traveling bug to focus on our next big change… moving in together. From finding a place, to combining two homes into one, and getting used to living together. There have been plenty of ups and downs. But we didn’t get a chance to get too comfortable, because soon after moving into our new place we were off to Moab.

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Ever since the first time we visited Moab we knew right away we had to go back. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but we had even more fun this trip than the last time. This time we invited our friends Rachel and Jeff, and they were great desert explorers to have around.

We shoved so much adventure into such a short amount of time. From racing rzrs in the desert, visiting the national parks, to late-night beers & bored games, and off-roading in the jeep. It was such a wonderful experience to share with close friends. We had such a memorable time and it will always be a memory that I cherish.

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observant nomad / canyonlands moab koa / moab, utah

observant nomad | canyonlands moab

/ rzr racing moab / observant nomad

A New Opportunity

After Moab we were able to get a another chance to unpack and settle into our new home. But we were in for more change. At the start of summer I was offered a new position at my work that caused quite a shift in my personal plans with my career.

To be honest, up until that point I had been ramping up my freelance side business very dramatically. So when I decided to shift gears and take on my new position it was quite a change. And I accepted the role all in the spirit of exploration. I’ve taken on new responsibilities, new challenges, and new ways of creating work including a large scale photoshoot.

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

Enjoying the Outdoors

While I dove into my new position at work and wrapped up the copious amounts of freelance I had built up, I spent as much time as I could outside enjoying my summer. Jumping around town, exploring our new neighborhood, riding bikes, and summer BBQs. We even spent 4th of July up in Grandby Lake.

Once fall settled in we made sure to keep our streak going and tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. From hiking through the changing leaves in the Rocky Mountains to trail running in Golden, CO.

observant nomad | patience & perserverance

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

Designer Vaca

Taking a short break from the cooler air and changing leaves, I jumped on another plane and head to warm and sunny Palm Springs, CA. It was my second time visiting for DesignerVaca, and even though I never posted about it I really enjoyed my time there.

I loved connecting with the few ladies I got to chat with during the short discussion group. I only wish we had more organized time to chat with new people about our work, careers, paths, and creative lives.

But my favorite memories were staying up late my roomies, long brunches at Norma’s, chatting about our lives and dreams outside our work, hearing Elle Luna‘s talk (you can see a similar one here), and spending more time with old friends and new faces.

It was so nurturing to connect with the few women I spent time with. My heart came away a bit more connected and with a sense that I could over come any of my challenges and find a direction that was right for me.

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad

/ 2015 highlights / observant nomad


It’s always nice to look back through the last year’s worth of Instagram photos and blog posts. Reflecting on what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and exactly where the year went brings a nice sense of satisfaction.

Taking a look at the big picture is also another reminder of exactly what intentions I want to bring more of into the new year and what things I should spend less time or energy doing.

Here’s to continuing our journey in 2016.

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