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I’ve using Pinterest a lot more than usual lately. Maybe there’s an influx of amazing inspiring images, colors, patterns lately. Either way, I’ve been going ga-ga over a lot of my pins and finding inspiration in the themes that seem to appear there. So I gathered my favorites for today to feel a little refreshed and inspired.

Besides a similar color palette, I think a lot of these images have an imperfectly perfect feeling to them. The ocean waves smoothly washing over the grainy sand. The torn edges of a collaged photograph. And the imperfect repetition of the hands in a pattern. Sometimes the most beautiful art is the one executed freely.

hands / beach / man / wander / closet

What do you think?

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You have such beautiful taste. I always love your image collages… and this is no different!


Thanks so much!

This aesthetic is just so very YOU. Love it.

Love the color pallet! That’s what I’m going for in my wardrobe, so this was so freshly inspiring to me!