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Life Lately 18: Summer Living

observant nomad | summer living

You might be curious where I’ve been these last couple months. And what can I say? It’s been a while since we’ve had a little check-in with what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

So I thought, let’s put together a little recap of what I’ve been up to lately this summer.

observant nomad | summer living

Last time we chatted I was moving into a new house with my guy (eeek!) and what can I say? It’s been harder than I imagined! We both knew it was going to involve some changes, compromises, and challenge us, but I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tad difficult. We’re doing the normal expected things like trying to get used to each other’s little idiosyncrasies and rhythms. But layering that with our shared stubbornness and independent personalities – it’s been a ride.

During all this we’ve also been working hard on projects for the house. Planning decor DIYs, figuring out how to organize the home, and fill the space in a thoughtful but not cluttered way. But now that we’ve had our housewarming party, there’s a layer of stress that’s been lifted. We seem much more settled and less focused on working on projects every night. Which has done wonders for our moods and things are balancing out.

Now we can each enjoy our own nighttime rituals and social lives without worry. We’ve also started a standing date night on Fridays. We take turns planning them, which is a great way to feel connected and create meaningful habits into what has been a big change.

observant nomad | summer living

In an effort to balance the stress and effort we’ve been putting into our home, we’ve also gone on a couple camping trips so far. Early in the summer we went on a little impromptu off-road trip near Nederlands, CO. We ended up doing some fishing, camping off of a backpacking trail, and visited a local mountain brewery.

For the Fourth of July though, we made a big trip up to Grand Lake near Granby, CO. We have a secret camping spot high above the town and surrounding areas that we really loved. It was the perfect view and we were even able to see about four different firework shows from up there! It was sort of crazy awesome.

We spent our days sipping spiked tea + lemonade, listening to country music, playing yard games, and we even whipped together a traditional shrimp boil – which was delicious and so flavorful. We took one day to walk around Grand Lake and sample the local shops, bars, and food.

While we were there, I knew we had to try paddle-boarding. No classes required, we simply rented a couple boards and slowly paddled around the lake and inlets. Sometimes we dangled our feet into the cold water and laid on our backs soaking in the warm sun. I had so much fun that now I really want to get one of my own. I found it a nice leisurely lake activity, and I can see why people love it so much.

observant nomad | summer living

When we were back in the city, I made sure to find ways to really squeeze the most out of the season and enjoy our new neighborhood. This summer I bought a Denver Passport which is a little booklet that allows you to grab 2-for-1 drinks all over Denver at the newest hot spots. Denver’s culinary scene has been exploding for the last couple of years, so it’s been a really cool way to try new places, or visit the places we’ve always wanted to go.

I’ve also signed up for theDoor to Door Organics bi-weekly box and I am loving the influx of fresh produce and fruit. We’ve gotten all kinds of delicious things like juicy watermelon, soft apricots, fresh squash, and crisp bushels of kale. It’s forcing us to eat a lot more healthy dishes and even challenges me to find new recipes and ideas for it. I’m pretty excited to keep going through the winter months when it’s tougher to eat well.

observant nomad | summer living

A few other things that have developed this summer include getting back to some of my past creative and mindful practices. With moving into the new house, there’s been enough space for me to develop an at home studio! It’s been a pretty exciting opportunity – but one I haven’t really put a ton of energy or focus into. The room has sat kind of in disarray and been a bit purposeless. At the time I had every intention of creating an at-home office where I could work on freelance clients and other creative projects, but as I mentioned, there have been some changes to my work so that had to take a pause.

Now that everything is a little clearer – I have different ideas for the space. I really want to turn it into a place for play. A place for exploration, experimentation, and creative challenges. A place to try new photography, styling, design. And get back to my original creative loves – painting, drawing, and art. I even did a quick abstract painting a couple weekends ago to fill my guest bedroom.

After the housewarming party, I knew I wanted to re-focus on being healthy and active again. So I’ve slowly started to build momentum towards renewing my yoga practice and trying to slowly work my way back into healthy habits.


Well, that pretty much sums it all up. Now that I look back, this summer has been quite nice. Full of change, challenges, growth and new opportunities. I feel like it’s right on the cusp of coming to fruition, which I’m a bit anxious for. These last couple months have felt a little like hibernating or watching events in and around my life play out. Now I’m ready to step back into a more active role and make things happen. From creative challenges, to personal goals, I’m feeling like things are slowly coming together and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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