Shifting Energy

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Where do I even begin?! You might have noticed I haven’t written anything in this space for quite some time.

I don’t really have a deliberate reason. It was just something that organically occurred once I got back from Moab in June. Everyday after Moab came and went I had every intention of writing a new post. I had all kinds of content planned, ideas to share, thoughts and events to talk about, but I couldn’t find it in myself to sit down and start the next draft.

Instead I found myself making plans for the new house, sketching decor ideas, planning our housewarming party, and throwing myself into new opportunities at work (more on that later).

So when I couldn’t reconcile the nagging feeling I was having about my lack of interest in posting, I chatted with my biggest creative cheerleader – mom.

She totally gets that I’m a free-spirit, and that usually entails a waning attention to many of my creative expressions, or a sudden change in mind when it comes to my life and it’s direction. So when I mentioned to her that I was finding it difficult to feel inspired by the blog, or blogging in general, she simply smiled and nodded her head.

She told me it was natural to feel our energies shift and change. It didn’t mean I would give it up all together, it just meant that there were other areas of my life that needed my energy for the time being. Oh yea, all kinds of hippie dippy stuff. I love it.

Once she explained this energy theory though, it made complete sense.

Other aspects of my life; like moving in with my guy, changes in work loads, and focusing on enjoying the summer, has moved my energy into those areas of my life. What solidified what she was saying for me was that I truly felt no guilt, concern, or worry about shifting my attention to different areas of my life.

For what has been literally years, I’ve spent pretty much all my attention on my work. From making sure I was succeeding at my 9-5 to taking on too much freelance work, I’ve always put work first. For the longest time I’ve had the luxury of living alone and a taxing lifestyle that comes with agency life. So sacrificing a few more hours never felt that difficult. I never felt guilty giving up Saturdays with friends to work on my personal clients. At the time, it was what made the most sense. It was where I was suppose to invest my energy.

But I think with the shifts in my life lately (moving in with the guy, making travel plans, and changes in my job) has forced my energy to refocus. And for the last couple months my energy has been elsewhere. Not here, not in the blog. I’m sorry for that, but it has been what was right for me.

With that said, now that I’ve taken some time away to focus on other places, it’s given me a new sense of clarity and purpose with the blog. I feel ready to come back but in new and different ways. Ways that bring me more excitement than it has in some time.

Can’t wait to get back to documenting my life here and exploring all of my creative passions in different ways.

What do you think?

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I’ve felt the SAME way recently and love your mom’s point of view on this. Great read + reminder! Gotta love hippy dippy. <3


Brianna, your Mum totally got it right – we can’t channel our energy into everything all at once, and I’m so happy you shifted yours in the way you did, towards other, very important endeavours, which then meant feeling a renewed positivity towards this here space. Congrats to you on the move, and the job changes – I wish you all the luck and light moving forward, and I’ll be here, more than excited to see where those changes take you.

Here’s to this new chapter!


Thanks so much Tori :) It’s kind of ironic in the way that it’s the exact opposite outcome I expected. Funny the way it all comes together sometimes. It’ll be interesting to see what changes exactly unfold.

I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog the other day and just in time to see this exciting change happening. The words of wisdom your mom has given you are beautiful. Energy is constantly changing. Most of life is like the ocean. There is stillness, there are ripples, there are waves, crashing, tides changing. It help to soothe my free spirit.


Thanks Brittany. It’s really nice to acknowledge when you can allow yourself to stop and allow the energy of life to go where it has to.