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observant nomad | passagem gastronomica website design

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I’m head-over-heels in love with my client, Passagem Gastronômica’s, new website design. Passagem Gastronômica is a passionate food and travel blog run by Patricia, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, and her husband Alex, who takes all of their gorgeous photos. Isn’t it so sweet that they get to share this space together and share both of their passions? Oh, and they are the sweetest, kindest people I’ve probably ever met.

Yea, I’m kinda of gushing about them. Well, they deserve it! Working with them felt very natural and we had a lot of skype sessions tackling brainstorms and ways to organize the huge amount of content they had. So I’ve gotten to know them quite well over the last year or so.

When we first started the project they wanted a much more feminine look. Think peaches, pinks, and flowers. But I knew right away that they needed a design that not only pleased their taste, but that also attracted the readers they wanted and matched their content. So we went back through the worksheets and found new elements that could achieve a lovely balance between the traditional, sophisticated, foodie look and the soft feminine style Patricia wanted (check out the original moodboard).

We knew right away that a feminine illustrated header would be the best option and help bring in the soft look they wanted. So we reached out to the amazingly talented illustrator, Maria Costa, who was able to create the perfect piece of artwork to compliment the design.

observant nomad | passagem gastronomica website design

The largest challenge of the work, besides finding cohesion in two different styles, was organizing all the content and establishing new categorizations for 200+ posts. Throughout the last few years Patricia and Alex have traveled and eaten a ton! It was a lot of fun looking through all their content and finding ways to simplify and streamline it all.

We also came up with some custom sorting tools for the Recipes and Restaurant pages, that Dara Skolnick was kind enough to help us figure out how to develop. She also tackled the big challenge of applying translation plugins to the site so that they no longer had to update two separate websites.

I have to say, that I am beyond happy with the end result. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure how it would all turn out. Balancing feminine with modern and throw in some food?! It was a little confusing at first—but hey, that’s when I thrive. I love taking a really difficult ask from a client and trying to find a solution that is not only designed well, but also shows my clients that each of their websites are truly one of a kind.

observant nomad | passagem gastronomica website design

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Congrats! it looks great!!!

Dear B, I am speechless with your kind words. It was amazing to work with you! You’ve always listened to what we imagined for the website and managed to translate our ideas into the digital world. Thank you soooo much for making the webpage sooo beautiful and easy to navigate! We love it!
Thank you!