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So big news guys — my man and I are taking the plunge and moving in together! We’ve been dating for a while and doing the whole commuting back and forth thing, which has slowly transformed to basically living together in my 500 sq ft apartment. Talk about cramped! So we decided let’s just do this for real and get a bigger place together. I’m really excited to start building a place we call ‘home’ together.

With that said though, searching for a new rental is the absolute pits right now. So while we endure the at-times-disheartening process, I’m keeping my spirits high by daydreaming about all of the new decorating opportunities. Last night I stumbled on Dot&Bo which had me going ga-ga over all their gorgeous goods. I think I went a little crazy bookmarking all the decor and art I wanted.

But on that note, I’m actually really puzzled about how to make our vastly different styles cohesively come together. But I am looking forward to taking on the challenge and create a style and mood that pleases the both of us. We will be building a pinterest board with inspiration to make it easier to visualize how we can combine our styles, but if you have any other tips, let me know!

| 01 | Antiqued Gold Sunburst Wall Mirror | 02 | Bistro Arm Chair In White – Set Of 2 | 03 | Mudhut™ Beaded Flatwoven Stripe Area Rug | 04 | Organic Cotton Towels in Navy and White | 05 | 2-Pc. Antique Copper Fruta Bowls | 06 | Minimal Wood Wall Hooks

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Ah I know the moving in phase very well! Luke and I moved in together in October into his old apartment. Luckily for us, it’s juuuust the right size for two people (maybe one the smaller side for some). I know that next year we’ll be in the apartment hunting grind. Best of luck finding a place!


Thanks! If you have any tips on combining styles please let me know ha! ;)

I love that chair so much! You have such a knack for finding the best pieces. So happy to follow along.


Thanks! I’d love to fill my kitchen with them :)

I didn’t know you were moving in together! That is sooooo nice! Congratulations! I hope you will find an amazing apartment soon!


Ha, yea it’s been a whirlwind over here, so it must’ve slipped my mind! Can’t wait to settle in together in our new home.

Congratulation and best wishes with your new home, Brianna! I’m so excited for you guys! I like the wall mirror, it’s beautiful.