Refocus on Health

observant nomad | refocus on health

It seems to be that time. The temps are slowly rising, the sun is setting later, and everyone is dusting off their workout gear to get back into the swing of spring. Everyday after work I notice more and more spandex wearing people sprinting around my neighborhood. That compounded with all the rich food I could handle in New Orleans (part one + part two), I can’t help but feel the itch to get back into my old workout routine too.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been active in one sport or another. Mostly because I’ve always really enjoyed physical challenges, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned it’s one of my flow states. I’ve been a serious runner, volleyball player, muay thai & kickboxing enthusiast, and for a while I was super into weight training. Heck, I even completed my first triathlon last year.

So naturally when I see the park by my house full of runners, bikers, and volleyball nets, I remember how much I loved being that girl. The one who didn’t have time for makeup or hair because she was either going to or from the gym, eating healthy meals full of colorful ingredients, and feeling really strong and confident about my body.

For me, health is entirely about how my body feels. Not how much I weigh or the imperfections every human body has. It’s all about when I’m running that 7th mile on a long gorgeous spring day, and my body literally feels like it could fly off the ground. It’s the difference between being stressed and lazy all the time, to feeling indestructible and full of energy. Endorphins do a body good.

I’m eager to start getting back on track, so I’ve begun to deliberately shift my focus to eating better. I really want to get that difficult habit in place again before I add the new routine of working out to the mix. Then after a couple weeks of fueling my body better, I’ll start getting more serious about working out again. I’m planning on mixing running (my favorite) with heavy lifting. It’s been a while since I’ve really felt strong, and I’m ready to do it again. Any ideas of the next sport I should try?


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