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rebrand 01: first steps

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I started this blog just over three years ago, and at the time it was a humble space where I documented my personal experiences and what inspired me. Over time, the blog has pushed me to grow exponentially in so many ways, from photography, to design, and even challenging me to travel more, and art directing original content.

I’m so grateful that the supportive community around this space has led to some special opportunities. My blog connects me with inspiring fellow adventurers, creatives, passionate idealists, as well as freelance clients I have the pleasure working with.

But because of all these same reasons, I have felt the need to rebrand the blog for some time. Being a part-time freelancer, my brand not only has to represent this blog and it’s true purpose, but also the kind of work I create for my clients.

I’m not going to lie. I know a rebrand is going to be a difficult process—it always is when you do it for yourself. And somehow, if your business is a party-of-one, it makes it all that much more intimidating. But I’m also excited to delve deep into exploring the hard questions.

I want to share more with you along the way, and the discoveries I make as well, so I hope you’re interested in hearing them. And if anyone has any advice, I’d love to hear it!


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I’ve been considering rebranding too but know how are it can be to brand yourself. Best of luck! Can’t wait to follow along with your process!

Rebranding is challenging, but it’s also amazing! Trust your gut. You already have a feeling about what you gravitate towards, so just follow that and see where it leads you. I’m excited to see your rebranding process unravel!


such a great point. it is all about trusting yourself to already know who you are and how that looks.

I’m in this exact boat. Rebranding for yourself is TOUGH – probably my most challenging project to date . And perhaps never ending ;) It’s fun to explore who you are and dive into creating a visual representation of yourself. I just geek out over the stuff. Wishing you the best! –K

it’s been so wonderful to see grow in that journey! And yes rebranding for yourself can be super challenging, but you’ll do great! Can’t wait to see!!


thanks corina, you’re so sweet! keep killing it like you do :)