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observant nomad | ever ours branding + website

Eek – there’s been some radio silence here lately, and all I can say is that it’s not because I’ve stopped working on this space, but rather I’ve been spending a lot of time in deep thought behind the scenes.Which has led to making some shifts in the background, instead of at the front of it (which I can’t wait to share more of).

But I’m back on the blogging train this week and to kick it off again, here’s some new and pretty work I helped complete a few months ago under Breanna Rose‘s design studio, Rowan Made.

Even though we finished up this project several months ago, I’m finally getting around to sharing the final work with you. If you recall way back, we posted the initial moodboard on Bre’s blog. It was a lovely encapsulating visual of romance, femininity, and delicate wild beauty. All the things we wanted to articulate through the Ever Ours design.

observant nomad | ever ours branding + website

the original moodboard

The first round of logos was a step in the right direction, and really show you how a brand can evolve and refine itself through a well-guided revision process. It was great working with Bre, she gave me insight to the brand, and an outsiders perspective on the work. All of which helped push the design to the next level and create something truly timeless and unique to Ever Ours.

 observant nomad | ever ours branding + website

After branding we immediately started on creating Megan a custom website to compliment her branding. We’re excited to say it has launched, and looks exactly the way we envisioned it. Go ahead, take a look at the finished website.



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:) Loved working with you Bri! And LOVE how you presented the website design up there with the floral elements. So fun!


Thanks Bre! I thought adding some real life context would help make the design pop :)

Wow… That layout for the website design is SO fab! It’s so fascinating to see the process work + the end results over time. You and Breanna did an amazing job!


Thanks Kelisha :) It was fun working with Bre on this one.

What a immaculate logo and design. I love that the logo has a slight gradient in the green that gives it life. The magic is in the details!


Thanks Kelly! Adding some texture can make all the difference ;)