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Life Lately 17: Homebody

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This weekend Rus and I were hanging out on the couch and daydreaming about our next upcoming trip; the seafood, the nightlife, the culture, the jazz. I’m so excited to tell you we’re heading to New Orleans next month!

We’re only heading over for a short trip, but that’s all you need to get a taste of the city. I’ve been once before when I was barely 21 and entirely fell in love with the city—so I’m super happy to be going back with my guy and can’t wait to show him all my favorite spots and check out some new ones together. Here are some other little snippets into my life lately.

 observant nomad | life lately: travel, health, homebody

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Coconut curry mussels sound divine. Is there a recipe that you would recommend? And also, I hope you have a blast in New Orleans. I can’t wait to go there myself!


Thanks! Yea, those mussels are my favorite – I’ve adapted the recipe over the last couple years, so I might have to post about it ;)

So much love :)