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When I first started freelancing, I was like a lot of business-owning-newbies. I knew how to do the work; design, solve business problems, and bring big-picture thinking to the table. What I wasn’t exactly sure of, was how to establish a process that would set up the work for success. While my years of big name-brand experience helped shape my first ideas of running projects, it all felt too large and impersonal for my one-on-one clientele.

So naturally I began to look to other freelance designers and bloggers, whom had all written posts about their ups & downs with project processes. I was so grateful that there were people out there sharing their knowledge so I could learn from them. I found that a lot of designers had the similar steps to their processes, which felt like a solid foundation to start from.

I really enjoyed having a clear structure to guide my clients throughout their project. We both knew what steps to expect and what the deliverables were along the way. It even got some pretty great results. Fast-forward to two years later and lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on my freelance process and how it functions across many levels.

And what I’ve come to realize is that my process isn’t like everyone else’s. I recently enrolled in a Braid eCourse that focused on helping creative entrepreneurs to define their communication and clarify their content. It was eye-opening. That course revealed to me that my own creative process is unique to my business. How I solve business problems for clients is different than how any other designer might solve them. And how awesome is that?!

In that same thought, why would I be using a process that might not 100% reflect how I create my best work? For one, having a foundation to start from was essential. Not only have I learned what works well for me, but I’ve also identified my pain points, or how I would approach areas differently. It’s forced me to take a step back and look at what I’m building for my clients on a more holistic level.

With all this experience, I’m really excited to start clarifying my process from scratch. Taking the best of what I’ve learned, and inventing solutions for the weaker spots. Not only am I eager to evolve my process, but I’m also interested in taking some risks and exploring solutions or steps that I’ve never tried, as a way to learn more about refining my work.

And in an effort to blend the personal and professional more (a la Braid style) I’ll make sure to share more about how that unfolds along the way. Also,Β I highly suggest checking out any of the Braid eCourses if you’re inclined. I’ve taken two so far, and planning on rounding out the third soon.

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How exciting to start fresh with your process! I am new to freelancing full time, so I am deep in thought about what my processes will look like, as well as how to structure my business! Designers can wear so many hats, so I am still struggling to define which direction my studio will take me. Eager to hear more about your process!


Exciting… and intimidating ;) I’ll definitely share more as it unfolds.

I’d love to hear more about your individual process. I’m always fascinated to see what other people do. Love Braid courses, I’ve done a couple. :) Good post.

I love this, Brianna! I’ve been a freelancing designer for almost a year & am big-time relating to the “business-owning-newbies” (it took me 6 months to say “I have a business” & it still feels weird, that’s how I new it feels to me).

What Braid ecourse did you take? I’m really liking all the topics. Wish I would’ve caught the 2 in session right now. Hopefully next time!

Thanks for being open about your process. You’re right, you’re doing it 100% you & no one else will do it the same. You go, girl! :)


Isn’t it crazy? I wonder if that feeling every goes away. I’ve taken the first two, and only have the dream client catching course left. And thanks for your encouragement!