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Highlights of 2014

observant nomad | 2014 in review

What a year! I tried some new hobbies, different features on the blog, did some traveling (a necessary in my book) as well as a bunch of freelance work. I even adopted a fur baby! Overall, I feel like this year I really pushed myself to try new things.

I love taking a few moments to review the past 12 months and truly appreciate all that I’ve been blessed to experience. So let’s take a quick look back on 2014.


observant nomad | 2014 in review

Probably the most important moment from this last year has been adopting my tuxedo cat, Toro. Sorry I haven’t posted an update about the little guy since the first one, but if you’ve been following my instagram you’ll see I’m still quite in love with the little guy and we’ve overcome a lot of the issues I was dealing with at the beginning.

Besides my little fur baby, I also tried some new hobbies. My guy taught me how to golf and we golfed for most the spring & summer, which was really fun. I also took a few pottery classes and made several things with holes in the middle (yay!). Somehow between working and such I made time to stay connected to friends and do fun things over the summer as well.

observant nomad | 2014 in review

Right now I’m working on getting my portfolio site up and running so I can showcase all the work I’ve done over the last 2 years or so. But as far as this year goes, I’ve made some really exciting steps with my freelance clients and developing work I’m happy with. Some of my favorite projects this year include; The Effortless Chic website and her media kit, The Storyboard Wedding website redesign, and finally all of the Mischo Beauty branding, website and packaging design projects.

I even tried a new opportunity to work with an event planner client, with my friend Breanna Rose under her studio, Rowan Made. So I can’t wait until I can show the final branding and website work.

See more of my work from this year under Design Work.
Stay tuned for new work coming out very soon!

observant nomad | 2014 in review

I got to hop around the US a little bit this year, and wow – I had vastly different experiences everywhere I went. That’s the beauty of adventure. At the start of the year, my guy and I visited Seattle (part one & part two) to stuff ourselves on gourmet seafood and see a new place. PS I fell in love with it.

We also went to Keystone, CO for our birthdays and had a little getaway just to enjoy some downtime and each other’s company. We’re planning on doing something similar in Steamboat Springs, CO before winter is out. Our mutual couple-friends invited us to Hot Springs, AR for a lake trip on 4th of july. It was balmy and the water was perfect.

I found some last minute cheap tickets to Austin, TX and even though the trip didn’t go according to plan, I still had the opportunity to catch up with old college friends and meet some new ones too. Let’s hope next year has some exciting travel experiences as well!

observant nomad | 2014 in review

Lastly I wanted to showcase some of my favorite blog posts from the year. More recently I posted a longer thoughtful post about my career and the direction it’s heading towards, you can read about it here.  I also did a little post giving first time Designer Vaca goers some advice on how to get the most out of their experience. I think it’s handy for most people heading to conferences or when they have to meet groups of new people.

This year, I also wrote a series centered around lessons learned from living abroad. I found these 5 posts really special ways to share what I’ve learned with others and take a broader view of my experiences abroad. I also heard that these lessons apply to people who moved to another city state-side.


Wow – what a year! But I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.
Should be one full of adventure, risk, and new journeys.