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I’m still here, I promise. It’s been a few days since I’ve popped in to say something or give you an update on what’s going on in my little corner of the world lately. I’ve even been MIA on Instagram lately. Sad face.

But as you know life happens and time disappears all too quickly before we’re able to fit everything in. With the holidays in full swing I’ve been spending time with family, finishing some crazy deadlines at work, and doing all the holiday biz that comes with having a 9-5.

Honestly the holidays are some of the best times to have a day job. You get to go to company parties (and yes they’re as crazy as people think) enjoy holiday cookie exchanges, Secret Santas, white elephant gifts, and holiday happy hours. But besides the fun of the 9-5, there’s also a ridiculous amount of work going on right now as well. Getting home at 8pm everyday is getting a little exhausting to say the least.

Now after the holidays and work dies down a bit, I’ll have a lot more to show you. I’m working with several freelance clients right now and all of the projects are very exciting! Besides work, I’m planning a few new features on the blog, to kick off the new year. So look forward to that!

With that I hope everyone had a great turkey day and is planning on something fun and relaxing for the upcoming holidays. Me? My mom is renting a cabin in the mountains for Christmas. It’s going to be so snowy, cozy, and cute. I can’t wait!

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