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There’s a cold front moving into Denver and we’re expecting snow sometime this week. The first snow of the year, which by CO standards is a little late. I mean it’s November! It’s even more surreal because it was so gorgeous this weekend. So much so, that I went on a nice bike ride and people were sunbathing in the park. Crazy Colorado.

Honestly I was a little anti-holiday after stores had christmas decorations upΒ before halloween :( But today with the temps dropping, I’m getting excited for winter. So I threw together some quick visual goodies of chilly winter inspiration to get me in the mood.

Rus and I were talking about a taking a mini weekend retreat to the mountains (like last year), and even my pal Rachel wants to set up a girls trip to possibly Aspen this year. So I got plenty of snow day plans that need to happen. Now it’s time to shop for some cozy sweaters.

What do you think?

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I’m so excited for winter! It comes around a little later here in Alabama but I’ve already cranked up the Christmas tunes in preparation. Stay warm!

Love that top left photo! I’m in Boulder, so I’m feelin’ you on this weather! Straight from 70 to 30 lol.

YES. We need to do Aspen. <3 So excited for our adventures!