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Adventurous Accounts are semi-regular features that gather experiences from other adventurers and learn what travel has meant to them. My friend Breanna Rose recently returned from her honeymoon in Europe, so I asked her to share with us a little bit about her experiences and how seeing the world has shaped her. 

First off, thanks for doing this! Any secret tools you use when planning/ researching a trip?
My family jokes around with me all the time at how serious I get about planning – and it’s true! I can spend hours planning, scheming, and finding the best deals around. For starters, I stick to Kayak for finding flights. When I have a destination in mind, I’ll make sure that I check out flight costs on the daily until something sticks out.

For accommodations, I absolutely love AirBNB. My secret there is to narrow down your search as much as possible. Try to figure out what neighborhoods you want to be in, as well as all of your specifics. It makes sifting through everything so much easier. And last, but not least, I recently discovered Rome 2 Rio, which essentially outlines all of the ways you can get from one place to another. Bus, plane, train, car rentals, you name it. This one is my life saver for getting around Europe!

observant nomad | adventurous accounts : breanna rose

Any tips for sleeping in new/strange places?
I have a hard time sleeping anywhere that isn’t my own bed, so I try to make myself as comfortable as possible. While I can usually make anything work, I make sure that I always have three things with me whenever traveling : my white noise app, ear plugs, and some sleeping meds if need be.

Give me one tip for saving money on my next trip:
Cook your own meals or have a picnic every once in awhile! While it’s certainly fun to eat out and try new things while you’re vacationing, the cost of eating out can add up quickly. So instead, try squeezing in a few meals that you make yourself. Or even have a picnic! Either way, you’ll be able to go to the local market – or grocery store – and get items much more affordably.

observant nomad | adventurous accounts : breanna rose

What are some ways you balance touristy things with an ‘authentic’ feeling trip?
My husband and I really enjoy authentic trips, so we try to keep our plans really organic. That said, we usually do have a handful of touristy things that happen along the way, too. Typically, we’ll plan when we want to see the “usual” stuff, and fill the space in between with long walks and surprises along the way.

Tell me a scary / exciting / memorable story from your travels:
During one of my family’s trips to Portland, Oregon, we all decided to take a day trip out to the coast. Everyone was tired of driving at that point, so I volunteered, despite feeling nervous about unfamiliar roads. But man! We drove through miles and miles of the most beautiful and tall trees I ever did see.

Everyone was so sleepy in the back, so I got to soak it all up on my own in the front. It was one of those “wow, this world is so beautiful” moments. If only the right song was playing. I think it was quiet. ;)

observant nomad | adventurous accounts : breanna rose

What motivates you to get out into the big blue yonder?
Rejuvenation. Whenever I’m feeling weighed down – or antsy – my mind usually dances around the thought of travel. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy trap nowadays, so I’ve made it a personal goal to infuse more adventure in my life.

How has traveling shaped you as a person?
Traveling continues to teach me patience. When you are outside the comforts of your own routine + home, you have to learn to be flexible and go with the flow, which isn’t always my strong point. ;) So getting out there and learning to simply breathe and be has proven to be very valuable.

Do you ever get nervous when traveling? when? and how do you try to cope with it?
Yes! All the time. I have anxiety, so any new situation in general can feel quite daunting. Especially when there is a language barrier. ;) But when I feel nerves creeping up, for whatever reason, I try to relax, take a deep breath, and tell myself that “this is where you are.” It sounds SO cheesy, but who cares?? It helps! Those few “reality check” seconds help put things back into perspective and allow you to truly be in the moment.

observant nomad | adventurous accounts : breanna rose

So tell me, what has been your all-time favorite trip?
One of my all-time favorite trips happened right after high school graduation. Some family members (there were 7 of us in total) and I hopped in a huge van and drove across the country from our home in Minnesota to Seattle, Washington for a family reunion. We made tons of stops “All American” stops, visiting National Parks and singing at the top of our lungs along the way. I’m such a family person, so it’s one of those trips that will go down in history. There’s not much more that beats a good old fashioned road trip.

If you had to write a little motto for your travel style, what would it be?
Once the planning is all done, it’s all about the food + adventure.


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