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Mondays are rough ones. So what’s a better way of getting into the swing of things by making something pretty for pretty’s sake? I decided to throw together some images that have really spoken to me lately.ย After looking at them, I’ve noticed they all have a similar handcrafted thread throughout.

Maybe it’s been my pottery class, but creating things by hand has been more and more appealing as I develop my interest in the art. I’ve been very inspired by woven art, hand-drawn type, and rustic imperfect patterns and lines. Gorgeous.

pattern / woven art / pottery / studio / calligraphy

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These are all gorgeous pieces and I am so obsessed with that calligraphy. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Those bowls are just to die for! I take ceramics classes as well, and it was the best decision I could have made for my sanity since I’m usually in front of a computer all day.


Oh yea, I feel you there. It’s so different and relaxing to focus on touch rather than vision 100% of the time.

A pottery class.. wow. I’ve always wanted to take those classes! Since my job is coffee, I thought it would be awesome if I could actually make my own set of coffee mugs. I never got around to it but if I can create something like those bowls, that’d be a new sense of accomplishment. Thanks for the reminder!