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observant nomad | mischo beauty design work

It’s time for some new work! Mischo Beauty is such a unique brand and I am so happy I’ve had the opportunity to work on it, and continue to work on it with the founder, Kitiya King. Kitiya is a compelling combination herself. She has a degree in chemistry and is a licensed Cosmetologist, Manicurist, Esthetician and Makeup Artist – who better to perfect 5 FREE luxury nail lacquer?

We started branding her project over a year ago, and while it didn’t take no where near that long to get going (phew!) we have been busy for the last year or so creating branding, packaging, stickers, business cards, postcards, websites, social media assets, and more.

observant nomad | mischo beauty design workIf you remember from way back when I posted the moodboard which captured the bold, sexy, and glamorous style Kitiya wanted to achieve. By using a clean and strong palette of black, white, and pops of gold or red we created a great starting point for her nail lacquer colors to really shine. 

Working with Kitiya has been truly wonderful, she’s trusted my creative vision for her brand and its packaging from the very start. From the packaging to the build of the creative on every detail. It’s been absolutely surreal to see a logo we created on a beauty product as well as featured across several websites and magazines, I mean just check out Mischo’s press page!

observant nomad | mischo beauty design work

When we tackled the website and social media, we decided to lightly revise a Shopify template so she could get the website up and running quickly. We choose a clean and sophisticated template to replace with our font faces and images from the photoshoots as well as graphically created.

I’ve just started working with Mischo Beauty on their media kit and possibly more in the future. I can’t wait to see how the brand unfolds and where Kitiya’s success will take her.

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Beautiful work, and such an awesome client!!!

This is great as always. I am a huge fan of your work and your blog, I totally love it! Regards from Spain


Thanks! And give my love to Spain for me ;)

BEAUTIFUL! I love this so much – great work!

A minimalist palette always speaks to me and simple lowercase logo doesn’t hurt either! Nice one.


Sometimes simplicity is the best ;)

It looks beautiful! Congrats!

Stunning! I love the little wisp of the ‘i’.


Thanks! It’s our little nod to beauty and we think it works well for nail polish, mascara, or wherever her brand goes.

This has all been a dream come true and working with you has been a gift! Xx