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Life Lately 14: Pottery Progress

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observant nomad | life lately 06

A little bit of my life lately…

01 Since last month, my pottery class has been really amazing. The class just ended and I managed to make about 4 pots in total – which is hilarious because I’m really proud of that! Above is my first successful pot, and I love him quite a bit. It’s been really fun, interesting, relaxing, inspiring, and yet really hard. Pottery something that I’m growing more and more interested in, so I already signed up to continue for the next 6 weeks. I’ve only just started and I want to continue building upon what I’ve learned. If you like this stuff, I’ve started a pottery pinterest board to gather ideas and inspiration. I’d love to know, do you know of any great pottery artists you like?

02 I’ve also tried lately to cross-off some items on my fall bucket list. We’ve picked some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, lifted some steins at Oktoberfest, and have been watching a good amount of football. But there’s still some time left and I have a few more things to enjoy, like wearing a fun costume, watching halloween movies, try knitting, and making some spicy apple cider. Yup, fall is my happy place.

03 I recently returned from a weekend solo trip to Austin, Tx and what a whirlwind. After my wallet was stolen and I had a mini freak-out, my friends rallied around me and I managed to still have a great time. It’s definitely a place I’d like to visit again, but maybe next time with more of a plan and a bunch of pals in tow.

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