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observant nomad | kristin vermilya

I’m very proud to show off some of my latest work today. This is a logo and branding project that I worked on with Kristin Vermilya, who is a young photographer building up her style and portfolio. Kristin just recently made the jump into the post-college career world and wanted to get her photography branding feeling more professional, put together, and just more like her. 

PS I love this photo she took of her friend, Marlinda – I think it captures everything about her style.

observant nomad | kristin vermilya

This project was one-of-a-kind from all the way around. When we started, Kristin was inspired by dreamy film-like photography and already drawn to hunter greens. Which was an exciting variation from most most projects I work on. In the end we built a palette with these quirky fun pops of green, as well as some more understated monochromatic tones too. And we threw in a pop of icy blue to break up the palette.

Kristin also wanted a more loose and playful handwriting style to her logo (which I was soooo on board with) and I had a lot of fun sketching out different ideas with a ton of different pens and markers. It was nice not having to be so controlled or careful with my lettering, and I love that it has a rough obvious hand to it.

Hopefully we’ll start her portfolio website next year, so I can’t wait to build out this palette and her branding a bit more. It’s so much fun to see a brand start and where it goes from there. In the meantime check out some of her current work.


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Is it tacky to leave a comment on a post about myself? Oh well. Thank you SO much, Brianna! I love everything (as you already know, since I tell you constantly) and reading this post makes me excited to get out there and refine my style and show the world my beautiful branding. :)


No way! I’m just so happy you’d want to comment, plus its a good sign. Now get out there and show them what you got ;)

Love the colour palette and hand written logo!

Love this look! You did great!