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Life Lately 13: Leopard Kicks

observant nomad | life lately 05

observant nomad | life lately 05

observant nomad | life lately 05

observant nomad | life lately 05

Here are three snippets into my life lately…

01 This summer has flown by quickly, but I’ve luckily managed to get out into the world a little bit.  This gorgeous pink drink above is from when I met up with a friend for happy hour at a new taco joint, and sampled their spicy hibiscus margarita. Delicious! Some friends and I also got to partake in the annual Denver Film Society Summer Scream at Lakeside amusement park – which was a blast. I’ve managed to hit up some new hot spots in Denver, get outside for golfing (almost every weekend) and even get a few camping trips in. Summer…check.

02 Making my first capsule wardrobe has taken more time and planning than I thought. In Colorado, fall can range from 80 degree sunny days to a full on snow storm, so layers are key. The whole capsule thing is very new to me so I struggled a bit with trying to find a good balance of weather clothes within the 37 item limit. But one of my favorite pieces I decided on, were these cute Steve Madden leopard slip-ons I found at Nordstrom Rack. Yay for leopard! So far I’m liking being able to throw outfits together very quickly in the morning and the mix-and-match concept.

03 For some reason I’ve been a little conflicted lately about being a creative and getting paid for all my creative work. Don’t get me wrong, getting paid for something you like to do is a blessing and I am so lucky to be able to do so, but I also miss the simpler days of being creative for my-own-creative-sake. More learning, more risk, and less rules. So I decided to sign up for a local pottery class, just to get in there and get messy and make mistakes. So far I am really loving it and still excited about it. Can’t wait to learn all about glazes and throwing techniques.

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hey brianna, i love your blog and am a fellow denverite! would love to know where you are taking pottery classes, i’ve been thinking about taking one for a while now!


hey chelsey! it’s at washington heights art center. they have a great catalog of classes and an amazing studio. check them out :)

Oh my gosh, I loved my pottery classes in college! They were seriously the perfect place to unwind. Especially the one I had in my last semester as I was preparing for my senior show and doing freelance work. Hope you enjoy it! :)


You took it too? Awesome :) I’m loving the imperfect nature of it and the time to do something really new and different. Thanks!