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observant nomad | be your own idol

Have you guys read the book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso? Sophia does an amazing job of boiling down her experiences into condense chapters and lessons that are not only smart and powerful but also inspiring as heck.

And while it’s a pretty quick read, it’s taken me a little while longer than expected to finish. Mostly because as I’ve been reading, I’ve been writing down my favorite quotes, and then going back and journaling a bit about what those words mean to me. It’s like my own mini-bookclub. This quote was one of my favorites:

The energy you’ll spend focusing on someone else’s life
is better spent working on your own.
Be your own idol.

When Sophia was the most successful was when she didn’t waste energy caring or worrying about what other people were doing. She focused on what she wanted her business, goals, and personal dream life to be like – and followed that.

We all need to be reminded from time and time that every success story is unique. And they often veil a long personal journey through self-reflection and hard realizations about what is right for that individual’s life.

So instead of looking up to the versions of “success” that other people have achieved, ask yourself: what inspiring version of yourself do you want to be? Then stride, leap, and fly towards that. Wave that freak flag #girlboss.

observant nomad | be your own idol

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I have heard nothing but great things about this book! I just got a gift card to our bookstore here so I’ll have to go get it this weekend. Love the download!


Oh yea, it’s a great choice especially because you can go back and reference it again and again.

Yesss. Sophia has been such an inspiration as I build my business – I love her spirit and attitude. So empowering!

I love that book, but specially that quote. We waste too much energy and time looking at what others do, specially now that it´s so easy with all the social networks available.

I´m looking for more books like this one. Do you have any recommendations? :)


I loved #GIRLBOSS! Such a witty and insightful look into Sophia’s story… definitely inspiring.

I keep putting off reading #GIRLBOSS. After this I think I might just bump it to the top of my To Read list. :D


I too found that book so inspiring! And I love this quote. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone around you rather than looking inside to find what truly makes you happy! I’d love to hear what other quotes from the book stuck out for you :)

Absolutely LOVE this, Brianna! Thanks for sharing. I was looking around for a quote for Intl Womens Day, but then I found this. Thanks again :)