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observant nomad | storyboard wedding

I know I can’t shut up with how busy I seem to be, but I realized you might be wondering, on what exactly? So I decided it’s about to time to start unveiling some new work around here. So here’s one; a blog called Storyboard Wedding. And this is a project I completed last summer. I know, I know… last summer – it’s been a while. But that was the summer that I basically didn’t exist, and after that I just never seemed to get around to showcasing it.

When Jess approached me to help with her website design, I knew we had to evolve her blog into a more robust and versatile tool for her readers. Being a wedding blogger, we knew exactly what her audience was about… the pinning. Every woman planning her big day uses wedding blogs to collect images and inspiration. So we knew that the new website design had to have lots of ways to sort, search, filter, and explore weddings.

observant nomad | storyboard wedding

After brainstorming and building several tools to help sort posts, we tackled how to condense all the gorgeous images for each post. Before the redesign, every post went on for miles and lowered her comments and click throughs. So we solved that by condensing the posts to a few key images and then previewing a few additional images in a mini gallery at the bottom so readers could get a feel for the style of wedding before clicking through.

We also added plenty of categories, vendors, and color category links below each post, so that users could click on to find more weddings in the same style. At the bottom of each page we also added a footer of posts so readers could find more inspiration to read through.

observant nomad | storyboard weddingWebsites with this wealth of posts like this, need lots of ways for users to search the content. So we created custom widgets where brides could sort all kinds and styles and details. We also added a custom slider in the header to showcase weddings far after they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame on the home page.

This was such a unique challenge for me as a designer. I don’t usually work on websites with existing branding, but I’m glad Jess was open to my more simplified and clean design style – which is not usually associated with weddings. On top of that, organizing the content was a lot of work that we happily tackled together.


Check out the live website at Storyboard Wedding
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BEAUTIFUL as always. You’re insanely talented girlfriend.

Ps. Would you happen to be going to Circles Conference next month!?


Thanks! And sadly, not this time. Guessing you’re going too?