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When I posted about what my ideal day looked like, it really resonated with a lot of people. I realized how important our daily habits are to us. That cup of coffee you have every morning? how much does it bum you out when you can’t get it? These little small re-occurrences create pattern, structure, and a solid foundation for our days. And your true ideal day is just a series of ideal routines and habits.

For some of us that may be easier than others to create new habits. But I had one reader ask ‘how do you build routines into a schedule that’s not routine?’ Well, I have some ideas!

Exact time doesn’t matter Habits aren’t really always about making sure you have your cup of coffee at exactly 7:00am everyday. Routines and rituals are more about doing a series of acts in the same order. So for me, I always feed my cat and make coffee right when I wake up. Then I sit at my dining table enjoying the sunlight and pursue Instagram while I drink my coffee. This routine helps me feel a bit relaxed before everything gets hectic. At night I go to bed about 30 minutes before I need to sleep and read a book and drink some herbal tea. This helps my mind wind down and get away from technology for a bit. I may wake up or go to sleep at different times, but I try to do these rituals every time.

Find things you already do So my advice for building routines into a crazy schedule? Find things you already do everyday; coffee, breakfast, lunch, walk your dog, sleep, exercise, whatever. And then find ways to create small rituals around them. Do you get coffee every morning but envision your ideal day spending more time outside? Then find a nearby coffee shop and ride your bike or walk there instead. Remember that habits don’t have to be the same time, just follow the same series.

Doesn’t have to be everyday And don’t be afraid to break tradition. Routines don’t always have to be an everyday thing. I know people who meet up with their significant other every Friday for a lunch date. Or another person who treats themselves to a fancy coffee every Monday morning (because Mondays are the worst). So start small and see if you even like your new habit, by only going once a week at it.

Start small This is a good piece of advice that applies to most things in life, especially new behaviors. If your ideal day includes spending more time with loved ones but you struggle to clock-out half the time, then find small habits that can help build up to the bigger goal. Schedule a reoccurring date with your significant other. Or start calling your family member the same time every week. Then slowly you can build upon your new habit to a larger one.

I hope that helps you find ways to fit in meaningful and worthy habits into your daily routine. They’re important for our mental health, happiness and overall life. So I’m curious what’s one habit you enjoy the most?

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Thanks for this post- I too find that my habits and small rituals help to ground me and keep anxiety at bay. Bookmarking this topic!


me too! i really appreciate those small moments in my day-to-day

I also make me a cappuccino right when I wake up and have herbal tea usually channel before I sleep. It helps a lot and I love routine :)

Wonderful post, and totally agree. It’s important to have those small rituals to help us relax. Thanks for sharing :)