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Progress: Kristin Vermilya

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Do you guys love hand lettering? I really do. But I’ve got to add a disclaimer, I really love it when it truly makes sense for a client. And let me tell you, for a writer, photographer, and all around storyteller, it definitely makes sense.

When Kristin and I first started the branding process, there was a lot of fiddling, exploring, and discussion around the positioning of her brand. We knew we had to make her branding feel romantic, magical, yet mature and quirky. Trust me, that’s no easy feat!

Nailing down some colors was the first hurdle, but I’m so glad we really kept at it, because I think we’ve found a palette that can be film-like and feminine, yet reliable. I think we’re finally in a sweet spot where we’re pulling it off. Plus, it’s so much fun to work with rich greens!

For her logo we wanted to play with a more un-traditional handwriting style to really capture an approachable and quirky style. We knew a marker style was the way to go. I also threw in some script style to make it more feminine. Here are a few logo options that didn’t make the cut, but I really love the option she ended up with! It’s always great when that works out.


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This is so fun! I absolutely adore hand lettering, and I’ve been trying to incorporate it into projects when I can here lately as well. Can’t wait to see the final logo! :)

I’ve only had one project that used hand-lettering thus far, and I would love to incorporate it into more projects in the future. I definitely love the second option the best. Look forward to seeing the logo she went with in the end!

I have to say… I love all of them. Hand lettering is fun but totally agree it should be reserved for those who ‘need’ it. Well done!