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observant nomad | life lately 04

observant nomad | life lately 04



Here are just three little windows into my life lately…

01 I’ve been either B) working a lot at my day job… like an unbelievable amount B) thinking about my career and the direction of my future or C) working on some really great freelance projects. So it feels like all I’ve been doing is working. But for the first time in a long time, I’ve been working towards a goal in mind. Having a plan in motion makes me feel much more excited about my day-to-day.

02 Even though I’m working a crazy ton, I am managing to get outside and actually do things this summer! Last  summer, I was indoors every. single. day. which was no fun and quickly burned me out. This summer I’ve done a much better job at spreading out freelance work and that means more weekends actually relaxing and enjoying myself. Last weekend I took my mom to the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens and it was amazing. I was so inspired from his artwork in Seattle, I just had to see how he put this one together in Denver.

03 I’m a cocktail girl through and through. So when Rus asked me to meet up for a cocktail date at the newly remodeled Union Station I had to say yes! They’ve remodeling the entire station and added new bars, hotels, and restaurants to the space. I’m obsessed with the modern meets art-deco train station vibe. Think white everywhere, swanky black tiling, hard wood, blue leather, industrial metal, and two giant shuffleboards smack-dab in the middle. It’s my new favorite spot.

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Life lately seems to be going well for you! Busy at work is good when you love what you’re doing and everything is going well, flow-wise and creativity wise. I’m glad you’re at a good point! :)

And wow, the remodel looks amazing! So gorgeous, I don’t blame you for claiming it as your new favorite spot. :)

That remodel of the station looks incredible! So gorgeous. Glad things seem to be going awesome for you! xx

That bar is beautiful! And hey, I know Lydia! :)