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observant nomad | wardrobe re-visit

If you’ve been following along on my wardrobe revamp series (01, 02, 03, 04) you might be wondering where are we now? Frankly, since summer has rapidly been coming to a close, I’ve slowed down on my purchases for the wardrobe. After getting by with the 15 items I do still have, I decided that I’d rather save up some dough now to spend on my near extinct colder weather wardrobe when the time came.

Since halting the project (for just a little bit) I’ve stumbled upon a minimalist wardrobe blog called Unfancy. Immediately upon finding Caroline’s blog, I was obsessed with her simple, no-nonsense approach to fashion, style, and capsule wardrobes. Her strategy of approaching each season separately makes the whole idea much more digestible and easy to do. I love that there’s also an opportunity to revitalize, test, and experiment with your own unique style every few months.

observant nomad | wardrobe re-visit

So I’ve decided to combine the process I’ve been following (mostly based on Into Mind) with strategies from Unfancy for the fall 2014 season. I’ve already done a lot of the upfront work in defining my style and discovering my ideal uniforms. So now it will be cultivating a capsule wardrobe & shopping list for fall  based on some of Caroline’s insights ( The Rule of Three and Shopping Tips).

P.S. Into Mind recently interviewed Caroline about her 37 capsule wardrobe idea, and I absolutely agree with her insight, that being mindful about your own personal style can help shape your confidence.

Leather jackets here I come.

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hello! i recently discovered your blog and i love it! i’m trying to do a wardrobe revamp as well, so i’m visiting your past posts about it. i also just discovered caroline’s site – isn’t it great??
love the blog community all helping each other out.


thanks! capsule wardrobes are such an approachable way to fix wardrobe disasters. and i love how caroline does it – so it’s most definitely worth sharing ;)

The capsule wardrobe is such a tempting construct. I love your series and I’m totally excited to check out Caroline’s blog.