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Last time I said uniforms were the bones to a good wardrobe. Well if we continue with my made-up metaphor, the additional pieces you buy around your uniform should be the muscle. And in the same way as muscle, they should really flesh out your style (ha-ok I’ll stop).

But when buying new items for the closet it can be hard to know where to say enough. I also have a difficult time keeping a good balance of types of clothing. One season I’ll fall in love with printed shorts and buy too many; ending up with one pair of jean shorts I wear all the time.

So to avoid this kind of thing, I decided the next step is to make a shopping list. Here’s a little visual list of my ideal capsule wardrobe (summer edition). I’ve already highlighted the items that I’ve already purchased or kept from the closet purge in gray.

observant nomad | wardrobe 04 / shopping

Now keeping in mind that I prefer to live as minimalist as possible, I didn’t want to bulk up the wardrobe to 50+ items. I wanted to keep it streamlined so its easy to pick out outfits. I decided to follow Into Mind’s advice to try and limit my capsule wardrobe to 20-30 items, 50% of which, should be pieces of my uniform.

After setting aside 30 slots for my new wardrobe… (ok 31, I’m only human) I designated about 15 slots for my uniform; loose blouses + skinny jeans + mix of flats/heels. Then I decided on amounts for each type of clothing that fit my needs/lifestyle (here’s tips on how to do that).

And after a lot of internet shopping, I end up choosing items that covered a good range of my original board’s colors and textures. I tried to choose a variety of each item, so if I had picked a black t-shirt, I’m not going to add another acid-wash version just because I really want to. But an acid-wash sage green t-shirt? Add to cart. So after some shopping this weekend, I did manage to fill my t-shirt quota, next will be the loose blouses.

Now, its worth mentioning prices here. While I do think it’s super important to purchase styles and materials that will fit your lifestyle and last many seasons, I also think it’s important to make a choice that matches your budget. For me it’s not realistic to spend $60 on every t-shirt I buy. Now $60 for a classic white oxford button-down that will last a long time? Yes, that’s worth it to me. But I made a deal with myself to spend less than $50 on a regular t-shirt, but more than $20 as to avoid cheaper brands/materials. So try setting a range you’re comfortable with and works for you. Happy shopping!


I’m not going to list out everything (sorry!) but these are the places I like to shop (all items covered here) | | | | | | rag& | | | | | | | | | | | | | H& |

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You got a great thing going on here!! love everything i see :D

i just wanted to say that i am loving this series of wardrobe planning posts on your blog. it’s so inspiring to see someone’s personal take on the theory.


Thanks so much Stephanie, I’m glad it doesn’t feel boring or like too much info.