Ideal Day

It’s been one of those weeks. The kind of week that takes all of your energy to just meet the deadlines in front of you. During weeks like these its hard to see beyond the next project, let alone envision the goals of the path you’re on.

So when I stumbled upon Braid Creative’s ideal day worksheet, I had to give it a go. And wow, I loved that this exercise exposed some personal values that I hadn’t consciously realized before. It taught me what I’m looking for in my career, lifestyle, and even how I envision my best relationships.

So, here’s how I would describe my ideal day…

Observant Nomad | Ideal Day


What’s it like when you wake up? I’m in a loft in a city. My home has tons of tall white walls and open windows with tons of natural light. I hear the faint noises of a city and a special someone making coffee in the kitchen. My trusty fluffy companion sleeps nearby in my big comfy bed. I feel content, rested and happy to be there.

Describe your morning routine. After waking up with a cup of jo, I stretch out to some morning yoga. I feel centered and powerful. Afterwards, I take a quick shower and grab something to eat with my special someone. Then its off to work. Its sunny outside and I’m walking or riding my bike to work. On the way there I look out onto the ocean or to the mountains and feel optimistic. I feel excited and happy to be heading out the door.

What’s your day like? Describe your environments. I envision myself living in a cosmopolitan city near the great outdoors. Either a coastal town or somewhere tucked in the rolling hills of the mountains. The air is crisp and the sun is bright. I work in a shared studio space with other creatives who I can collaborate with. There’s music playing and someone’s always creating something amazing. We even have a photography area setup so we can shoot content for ourselves & our clients. I feel like a part of creative team, we’re productive, independent, and inspired.

I spend the mornings being productive, answering emails, plotting out paths, making plans to solve problems. Then I start working on exciting client branding and web projects, bouncing ideas and collaborating with other creatives in the space. Great content and ideas flow naturally together. At the end of the day I’ll work on a project just for me, whether its art, photography, or another endeavor.

What fills your evening? I’d love to end my days winding down meeting up with friends at our favorite neighborhood spot for a nightcap. We laugh, share stories, dreams, and plans – basically, ‘what if…’ kind of conversations. Then after heading home feeling connected and dreamy, I make dinner with my special someone and listen to records. We end the night winding down in bed watching a good tv show, reading our favorite book and sipping on some tea.


Now doesn’t that sound dreamy? It may seem really beautiful, but it feels truly feels attainable to me. The worksheet goes on to challenge you to incorporate one small habit from your ideal day into your reality. For me I’m thinking about actually starting the new nighttime routine. I would love to decompress in bed and settle in earlier at night. Some good nights sleep can lead to better week… right?

What do you think?

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That does sound beautiful! I love that worksheet and I think I’m going to download it and give it some thought myself over the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing!

Just reading through your ideal day made me feel more relaxed and inspired! I definitely want to give the worksheet a try myself — I especially love how they encourage you to begin right away making steps towards that goal.

Excited to see how you make this day happen! :)


Thanks! I go back and read this post whenever I’m feeling down or having a hard day. This helps me see the bigger picture and reminds me to take steps towards it. I’d love to see how yours turns out!

Love it — I’ve used a similar exercise in my career development classes that I teach for college students. We just have a plain old worksheet and me leading them through a guided meditation, but they come up with some cool stuff. One guy opened his eyes in terror and I asked him what was wrong. He said that when he imagined who was with him, he had five kids. Ha!

That sounds wonderful. I know that I need to sit down and design my ideal day, but it is a struggle because my job requires me to work different hours every day. There is very little consistency to my schedule. Some days I need to be at work at 5am and others I don’t need to be there until 2pm. I don’t get weekends off either. It’s a pretty unconventional life. Any advice for creating a routine when your life isn’t routine?


Yea that sounds really hard to build routine into! I think I have a few ideas to help you out, look out for a blog post about it soon.