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Many wardrobe re-styles actually start with elimination. For me it felt like a better second step since I needed to first define the style I actually wanted to achieve. While going through each piece of my clothing I was so happy to have a visual board to reference and compare to… Even though I love these jeans, could they live on my board?

Usually when I go through all my clothing and donate pieces I feel great afterwards. However this time it was almost bittersweet. It was like saying goodbye to an era. I know that’s dramatic, since the era I’m describing is full of forever21 pieces and cheap generic items. But this is the first time I’ve ever set out to mindfully define myself – and right now it’s all abstract and still in progress. So letting go of my ‘comfort blanket’ clothing was harder than I thought it’d be.

For my detox I followed Into Mind’s advice on how to let go of the items I’d been clutching onto. I was hard on each item and really had to be honest with myself. Was this item 100% me? Did I wear this more than once in the last month? Did it fit into my new style?

Another piece of advice I kept in mind was Into Mind’s article about lifestyle. When I was going through my workout gear, I really tried to eliminate the extra shirts and bottoms that I didn’t love that much, or fit into my lifestyle. I had tons of workout clothes guys. But realistically I only workout 3-5 times a week (when I am at all) so why have 12 shirts? Makes no sense.

After tackling the laundry basket, closet, and dresser drawers I had about 4 big trash bags full of clothes & shoes to donate. WOW. Besides that small feat, I also had a small bag of trashed items, a few items to alter, and the best part? A small bag of never worn/nicer items for sale! Stay tuned for that!

Honestly, even though I was super nervous of what was left (what am I going to wear?!) I woke up this morning and went back to add a few more things to the donate pile – ha! After sleeping on it I could appreciate the lightness I was now feeling. My style was totally up to me to redefine.

Now I can’t wait to donate my bags and start shopping…

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This is so good ! I’m am so inspired, and do exactly the same thing. After you do remove everything and keep the things you really like, it feels so uplifting!


I know, you should totally take stab at it, I’m sure you could sell some of your old stuff no problem ;) I just can’t wait to go shopping now!