Seattle : Part Two

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When I sit down to write about the second part of our Seattle trip, I feel like there’s so much to talk about! While we did keep a great balance between down time and going out, between all the naps and food I think we managed to sneak a few extra days in while we were there.

The second day was a perfect opportunity to hit up the popular Pike’s Place Market. It was a weekday so we could avoid the heavy tourist weekend and the weather was perfect. Before we walked downtown, we stopped at Oddfellows Cafe & Bar in Capitol Hill for a quick breakfast.

seattle oddfellows | observant nomad

Oddfellows was such a beautiful spot, full of huge floor to ceiling windows, the most lovely light flooded the restaurant. The breakfast menu is small but there are plenty of tasty options. I had a breakfast panini and everything was so fresh, I wish we could’ve tried their dinner or lunch too.

Once we made it to the market I was surprised at how packed it actually was! But it was totally worth it. The shop owners are so much fun and great to talk to. I also love the sampling and that there are plenty of opportunities to grab small bites here and there.

seattle pikes place market | observant nomad

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever disclosed how much I love mac & cheese, but it is my absolutely favorite food- I love me some pasta and dairy. So when I heard that Beecher’s Handmade Cheese had some of the world’s most famous mac & cheese, I had to try it.

And let me tell you, that is one creamy rich tasty cup of heaven. Now – I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but we couldn’t stop eating it! We ended up getting some of their other handmade cheese’s to take home too. Sadly I didn’t get a picture in time to document the memory, but here’s some other market shots instead!

seattle pikes place market fresh | observant nomad

seattle pikes place market tomatoes | observant nomad

seattle pikes place market crab | observant nomad

seattle pikes place market crab detail | observant nomad

After the morning of exploring the market and sampling the dungeness crab, macaroons, and Chukar cherries (yum!) we did a little bar hopping through downtown on our way home. We sampled tastes and drinks at several more places before calling it a night.

I loved how hopping around all day and trying new things really brought me and Rus together. It was such a blast to laugh, explore, nap, feel wide-eyed and totally anonymous in a big city with my special guy. Talk about one long epic date!

seattle downtown | observant nomad

seattle pikes place market flowers | observant nomad

The next leg of our trip was spent eating our way through the city (as if we hadn’t done that already!) We signed up for a gourmet tasting tour through Seattle so we could try all the restaurants and see a different part of town. There was too much to talk about – so I’ll be putting a city guide together to really go into detail of what to do and where to eat!

On our last day we decided to make a trip to one of the islands around Seattle. We caught a 30 minute ferry to Bainbridge island in the morning and the view of Seattle from the water was lovely. The ride wasn’t long at all, we sat on the top deck for a bit to watch the harbor and landing onto the island.

seattle ferry | observant nomad

seattle ferry wake | observant nomad

Bainbridge was a cute little place. The downtown reminded me of a mountain town gone coastal. Full of little shops and cafes it’s about a 10 minute walk from one end to the other.

We heard good things about a few places on the island, but we decided to hit up the Harbor Public House first since it was on the furthest side of downtown. We figured we would work our way back towards the ferry slowly. Instead, we ended up staying at the public house the whole time!


seattle harbor public house | observant nomad

It was such a cute little bar, casual and down to earth with a view right into the marina. We fell in love with our bartender – she was such so welcoming and made our day. We enjoyed some tasty drinks and sampled some local beers too. Plus, their clam chowder is amazing! After Bainbridge we wrapped up our day and headed to the airport. Such a great way to end our trip.

So thanks Seattle for being so welcoming and unforgettable. Cheers until next time!

seattle cheers | observant nomad

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Seattle looks like such a beautiful city. Hope to make it out there sometime! Glad you had a great time!


It really is a special place. It’s one of the few US spots I’ve visited that I could imagine moving to.


Dude, you take killer photos. Seriously, bravo.

Beautiful pictures Brianna!!

Did you take all of these photos with your phone or with your dslr? These are amazing photos!