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9 diys for the home | observant nomad

diy geometric wreath by vintage revival | diy ladder by a merry mishap | diy marble tray by almost makes perfect |
galaxy face art via a beautiful mess | diy ikea hack stickwood headboard by sugar & cloth | diy copper wall hanging by smitten studio | diy rope coil baskets by the red thread | diy metal base coffee table by almost makes perfect |
diy giant marquee letter sign by vintage revival

Are you the crafty type? I used to be. If I wasn’t painting, drawing, or photographing something, I was usually building something out of scissors, glue and paper. I loved collaging clippings from magazines or newspapers together to make something total different. Those were my original moodboards. I would also try my hand at necklaces, bracelets, trinkets, or photo frames. I even went on a ceramic painting kick, ha! So 70’s.

But as I grew older, the common representation of crafting became too cutesy, had over-the-top graphics, or was completely useless. So I’ve been loving this new cleaner, more functional, trend in crafts and DIY lately. Heck I even made my own clean and modern inspired diy gold geometric mobile once.

And even though the tour of my home made my home look complete, I still feel like it’s a work in progress. So I’ve been gathering some DIY home decor that fits my taste. I’d love to put little plants in these rope coil baskets, make this coffee table with Rus, or hang this amazing diy copper wall hanging by smitten studio in my living room. So I wanna know, are you crafty too?

What do you think?

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I am 0% crafty. I try. I have visions. But somehow those visions just never translate through my hands the way I want them to.

Love these diy goodies you’ve curated!

I am SO in.

Love this! Being crafty is my therapyetic outlet ;)