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In an effort to capture more of the places I love in my city, this column is all about
the must see, do, and eat of my hometown – Denver, CO

observant nomad / the source comida bartop

I love long weekends. Taking that extra day off really makes your weekend so much more luxurious. Sleeping in and not having to worry about getting chores done for the upcoming week does wonders for my stress levels.

This Monday I decided that I was going to take my time and really get the most out of it. So I decided to take a solo adventure to a spot I’d never been before, The Source. The Source is a collective-style concept of food artisans, retailers, and even a brewery. It occupies an impossibly tall 1800’s brick foundry building and is full of huge windows.

observant nomad / the source comida taco

observant nomad / the source homemade limeade

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After I walked into The Source, I immediately posted up at Comida‘s bar top. I opted for the fresh homemade limeade and wasn’t disappointed. It was bubbly and just the right amount of tart. I also ordered a shrimp taco and a pico de gallo quesadilla, both of which were fresh and light. This quesadilla was just the right amount of cheesy and pico. I hate it when quesadillas feel way to cheesy.

observant nomad / the source

observant nomad / the source mundo market

observant nomad / the source wine

After Comida, I walked around and explored each of the shops. The liquor store had a ton of one-of-a-kind liquor and they even carried my favorite, Luxardo cherries (perfect for Manhattans). I love that each of the brands they carry felt hand chosen and curated. Nice collection guys.

observant nomad / the source boxcar coffee

observant nomad / the source biscotti

I finished the afternoon at Boxcar coffee, where a nice bearded gentleman heated my coffee at just the right temperature on a fancy contraption. I love that a cup of coffee even comes with an extra carafe of it, just cause you’re special. And hellooo biscottis – how I’ve missed thee.

observant nomad / the source caprock

The bar top was closed – probably because it was too early, but imagine at night that the center of The Source comes alive. It is a unique place that fills a variety of social needs. A great place to meet up with friends, a pal, or even for a date night. It’s sense of community adds extra energy and atmosphere. It’s a cool place to check-out if you’re rolling through town.

all photos taken on iPhone by Observant Nomad

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Source is a such a great concept! I don’t believe we have anything like that in SF. There are new things popping up daily, so I could have missed it! When did this place open in Denver? In the past few years Denver has been evolving in some very positive ways. I need to get back there and explore again with you!

Sending love from the city by the bay!


Aw I miss you long time! I think it opened around February of ’12. Denver has grown up so much in the last 5 years it’s awesome to see what kind of place it’s becoming. Come back soon!

What I would give for some biscotti right about now.. I love the vibe of this place! Your column is inspiring me to venture out + capture some of my favorite spots in town!


Please do! I love researching blogs for places to go when I travel