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Time again to look at all the little and big things we’re grateful for. And this morning, after listening to a particularly amazing podcast, I decided that I was pretty thankful that there are people out there making, creating, and cultivating meaningful ways to share inspiring content.

I also love that there are so many topics on podcasts, you can find pretty much any niche you’re into. I recently downloaded some guided meditation podcasts and am gonna give it a go. I get kinda sick from time to time listening to music all day, so I like to switch it up and listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Since playing podcasts, driving to work in the morning has become something I look forward to.

So I’d thought I’d share the love, and some of my favorites with you. Maybe you’ll find one that’s inspiring or interesting too.


This American Life / A no brainer, I’m pretty sure most people who listen to podcasts listen to this one. But it remains one of my favorites. It’s got a great sense of narration and cohesion. I love all the different stories and themes they explore. And who doesn’t fall in love Ira Glass’s voice?

The Moth / I’m a sucker for storytelling – and the Moth does it the best. They select 3 different average joe speakers to tell their stories in front of a live audience with no notes or memorization. Also based around a theme, I always hear a perspective or story I never expect.

NPR Snap Judgement / Another storytelling podcast that I dig lately. They also choose a theme and deliver different experiences and interviews around that idea – some make you laugh, some make you cry, all of them make you see the world differently.


The Loveumentary / After being fed up with the portrayal of relationships in our society and not being able to understand love, this man quit his 9-5  job to travel the country interviewing people in successful or long-term meaningful relationships and asks ‘how’d you do it?’. Really great stuff – and trust me I’m no romantic.

Savage Lovecast / Definitely not PG, and I like it that way. Dan Savage gives people real advice on all kinds of relationship issues and problems. The podcast covers all kinds of topics and uses great adult language. Its refreshing to hear such open and modern views on traditional relationships. Hearing all kinds of problems and questions really quenches the voyerist in me (hehe).


NPR TED Radio Hour / This is a great short way to digest TED talks. They interview TED speakers and usually piece together snippets from a variety of TED talks around one theme. I love that this podcasts ask the speakers questions, since TED talks are usually a one way ‘dialogue’.

Stuff Mom Never Told You / As a self-declared modern feminist I love that these girls deliver realistic views of women in society. They cover everything from women in sports newscasting to when did women start wearing pants? Always funny and I love learning new facts.

The One You Feed / ‘It takes conscious, constant and creative effort to make a life worth living.’ A brand new podcast discovery, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Based on an old parable, this podcast focuses on interviewing writers, philosophers  and professionals who try to create a life worth living.

Besides podcasts, this week I’m loving … kitten cuddles ◊ mimosa mornings after spending all night in the studio ◊ walking dead & house of cards are back! ◊ sleeping really well ◊ double date comedy shows ◊ breakfasts with the parents ◊ reminiscing on things from childhood ◊ knowing how to change a tire ◊ yoga!!! ◊ long talks with girl scout leaders outside the grocery store ◊ french fries & ice cream after a long week!

What do you think?

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I knew I liked you for a reason. We listen to pretty much all the same podcasts! I posted mine a couple weeks ago :)

Also, thank you for reminding me about The Walking Dead, I need to catch up!


Haha – I have to admit I actually started listening to The Moth cause of you!