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Snowy Evergreen

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You ever have one of those weeks that feels a little rough around the edges? I get them from time to time, and for me it’s always a mini lesson on getting back on my feet and reminding myself of the good stuff.  Things and plans don’t always go your way, but sometimes when that happens you can be pleasantly surprised by the alternative.

I’ve had a rough week between work, life, and personal disappointments, things weren’t feeling too rosy. It didn’t really get better when Rus and I were stuck in 2 hours of traffic on Saturday.

After inching our way up the mountain, we forced ourselves to throw in the flag and head home. One of the great things about Rus is his ability to turn things around. Instead of grumbling all the way home (like I probably would), he instead said we should stop in Evergreen for a little brunch.

Evergreen is a tiny and precious town with not much to do, but cute all the same. For brunch we chose The Wildflower Cafe, a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant. They make some pretty amazing breakfast foods. I tried  a Bloody Mary, for the fourth time (still not a fan) and had a delicious green chile veggie skillet that was fresh and hit the spot.

Afterwards we took the scenic highway home. The snow was falling, the trees were heavy with wet snow, and the fog danced around the tops of mountains. Pretty good for an unplanned detour. And was a much more enjoyable experience than the ride up.

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You make me want to live in CO. :)


It’s a pretty magical place any season ;)

Sorry you had a rough week! That was totally me last week. Cheers to getting off on the RIGHT foot today :) Miss ya!

Ugh. Something must be in the air. It’s been a weird week for me too. Glad you’re feeling a little better. Wuv you.

I love when the unexpected path makes way for a wonderful opportunity. The photos are gorgeous! I’m glad you were able to make a wonderful memory out of a possibly bad situation.

Oh my, just way too gorgeous. I love the pop of colour hidden in the show. Glad you ended up having a good day!

Gosh, this is dreamy. My mom lives in Evergreen, and it is my Colorado home. I love strolling in the town center, popping in for a beer at Little Bear. I bet with this much snow it is a winter wonderland.
Something was certainly in the air last week, I was anxiously waiting for my week to end. Luckily this week is off to a much better start. I hope yours is too!!


Thanks Meg! Evergreen is pretty great and I’d love to go back. Glad last week is over and we can move up and onward :)

Holy wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! Sorry you had a rough week, but it totally helps that you have things to get around those times!


Thanks Kory, I give Mother Nature all the credit – she was especially gorgeous that day