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This weekend marks my second year blogging on Observant Nomad and honestly,  it’s crazy to think it’s only been two years! Feels like ages ago that I hit publish on my first post. I remember when I first started my blog and I honestly had no idea how to go about it all. All I knew was that I wanted to capture my life – whatever that was.

It started with a short post about the local record store, and it got me hooked. Looking at my little record store captured, documented, and hero’d really made my heart flutter. I had no idea what I’d do next or if I’d have anything to talk about. But I was doing it for me, and it made my heart feel good.

For me, blogging was always personal, it was always ‘just for me.’ I only posted images I liked, talked about things I felt were important, and when I didn’t feel like posting, I didn’t worry about it (at least not a ton). I figured if I was just posting content to ‘just do it’ then it wouldn’t feel authentic and people wouldn’t want to read it.

Fast forward to now, and I want to build something bigger. Something greater for me and for you. It’s crazy to think how much the meaning of this blog has evolved for me, and where I envision it going. I love imagining what kind of content I can bring to you, where I can pull inspiration from next, and how this space can shape me and my story.

Two years ago if you had told me that this path would lead to me meeting some super inspirational, accomplished, real, authentic, and kind women through this community I would’ve just rolled my eyes at your idealism. But the greatest thing I’ve learned in the last several months is how amazing it is that we are idealists. We’re dreamers, makers, doers, creators, sharers, and storytellers.

There are bloggers out there starting their own studios, businesses, print shops, and filling niches in their circles that aren’t being met. There are bloggies out there teaching themselves how to be kick-ass designers, writing books, creating the life they want to live, and building full home decor lines that are ah-mazing! I love imagining what their first blog posts looked like. And trust me they have all felt like they didn’t know what was next. But they (and me and we!) are all just figuring it out. One step at a time.

| braid by bryce covey and lake via the little english girl |

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Thanks for sharing your journey! I just started blogging a couple months ago and I’m definitely hooked. It seems so exciting. It’s fun to feel like we’re all in this together – taking ‘one step at a time.’

I really love this. I myself am just starting out with my own website + blog, I swear if I nit-pick one more thing it will never go live haha. I must say it is pretty intimidating. Thanks for this post, it reminds me that I am definitely not alone :) You have a great site and I love your style. Keep up the beautiful work!


I totally understand! With so many blogs out there it feels a little daunting sometimes and I get that ‘why even bother’ feeling too! But you have something to share and offer, so don’t let fear or perfection stop you ;)

One step at a time. Well said.