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Working with Jen was amazing. She has a very clear idea of her look and the brand’s direction. It wasn’t hard at all to be inspired by what she envisioned. After some phone calls, questionnaires, and visual gathering the moodboard was simple, sophisticated, and clean.

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observant nomad | moodboard effortless sophistication


After the moodboard I knew exactly what I wanted The Effortless Chic to look like. It was one of those rare projects where you have a design epiphany. Sometimes it takes hours to tweak one small detail – and others are exactly like this, where you can’t design fast enough to get it on paper.


Jen and her team are masters at original content and curating a simple, attainable, yet sophisticated lifestyle. So I really wanted to let their photography and projects shine, and kept the design minimal. We created a slider area to lead into the blog, so there could be a larger variety of content right when visitors landed. effortless-chic-website-2

effortless-chic-website-3 effortless-chic-website-4


We followed the home page up with smaller posts at the bottom to create more click-through and showcase variety of content. Besides custom category icons, colors, and design, we spent some weeks really organizing the posts and the website to make it easy to find and explore content.

This is one of my top favorite projects from last year – and I’m not just saying that. It was wonderful working with Jen, she completely trusted me to create something beautiful, and had little to no edits. Jen is about to have a baby, and is making moves! I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes.

Take a look…
The Effortless Chic

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  1. I love the way you feature the posts! It looks fantastic. :)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how minimal it is! :)

  3. you did an awesome job with this!!

    • Brianna

      thanks! are you going to vaca again this year? your new stuff has been amazing :)

  4. Thanks Brianna!! Aw, no sadly I can’t make it this year :( Bummed to miss out! I’ll be watching along and totally jealous of your vacation!!