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Observant Nomad | 2013 Review

What a year. Full of both highs and lows, it has been a long and road full of learning. Some of the highs: I started a new job, took on tons of freelance work, and completed a triathlon! Some of the lows: I had to move twice (!!!) and my parents sold our childhood home.

All in all it was pretty great, I even went on a couple of fun trips in 2013, including Palm Springs and beautiful Moab. I also fit in some day trips here in Colorado, to Estes Park and Buena Vista for Memorial Day.


Observant Nomad | 2013 Review January

January was really a month of new beginnings. After I was offered a new job(!!!) Rus and I celebrated with delicious ramen at Uncle and a birthday present to the Broncos playoff game.

I jump started my blog-iversary with my first DIY post with a Gold Geometric Mobile. And I was super determined to refresh my apartment with white paint and a new couch.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review February

Even though I was kind of quiet here on the blog during February, I was actually having some fun. I started my new job, and spent Valentines day with my beau, who I gushed about (just a little bit).

We made homemade lobster ravioli which was delicious – and reminds me, I should make some more. And we hit up 5280 week, which is a special restaurant week here in Denver, it was lots of fun and full of great deals!

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review March

In March I was in full fledge freelance mode. I think I was working on about 3 -5 clients at a time on top of my 9-5. Some of my favorite projects this year were Clumsy Chic and The Effortless Chic (which I never talked about – I need to rectify that!)

Besides work I tried to balance it with plenty of friends and loved ones. Rus and I had many outdoor patio happy hours and I even got to spend some time with some fuzzy friends.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review April

April was pretty special for me. Rus and I went to Moab for the first time and it was gorgeous! The weather was perfect and the scenery as you can see was one-of-a-kind. I can’t wait to make a return trip.

I was also starting to feel more settled in at my job and building relationships there, which felt nice.  And I finally finished painting my apartment.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review May

In May, I had a great time at a huge Memorial Day camping trip with over 30 people. It was crazy and tons of fun – I even made a video about it! May was also when I started to kick off early training for my Triathalon (eek!) I never really talked about the race on the blog, but I did it in August and was really proud that I finished in 1:30.

My work also had an off-site at the pony tracks – which was really interesting to see. And the people watching, oh man! This was also the month that my parents put their home on the market, and it was definitely the closing of a huge chapter in our lives.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review Summer

Ahh summer! Can’t believe how much I fell off the radar. I think sometimes life catches up and you need to unplug and recharge. I did manage to post about Puerto Rico though. So there’s that.

In the beginning of the summer I moved out of my old apartment and into a new house. I was super excited about it! Unfortunately I went through some really tough stuff after moving there and after a lot of trying, growing, and reflection I decided to move on again pretty soon. Ya’ live and ya’ learn. It was a real growing experience and opened my eyes to a lot.

But while I was going through that, I focused on spending time with Rus, my family, and training for my triathlon which became an everyday thing. Rus scored us tickets to the Rockies game for 4th of July, which I had never been to – and my inner child loved. We house sat for Rus’s family (including two very fuzzy malamutes) and enjoyed some summer rain. PLUS I finished my triathlon at 1:30 and felt awesome!

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review September

September I was looking for a new place and started working on content for the blog again. Including a little shoot at Black Eye Coffee with my friend, Rachel. It was all about finding adventure in your local cafe.

Besides that I spent some time hiking and even made a trip to Palm Springs, CA for DesignerVaca. It was super surreal and I had such an enriching time listening to so many inspiring ladies.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review October

October was pretty laid back. Rus and I took a day trip to Estes Park to see the elk and enjoy the mountain air. After so much work all summer I treated him to a really fancy dinner at Fruition – which was spectacular. Annnnd I found a new apartment to call my own, it felt like such a relief.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review November

In November I settled into my new apartment and took you on a tour. I also spent some time with family playing hooky, and partaking in some holiday traditions. We made a trip to the Hammond’s Candy Factory, which is the oldest candy store in Colorado and they even use the original machines to make the candy.

Observant Nomad | 2013 Review December

And December! December was a lot of holiday fun. I spent a lot of time with family and Rus. From cookie parties to Cirque du Soleil Holiday shows I feel like I did a lot. I got an awesome green Kitchen Aid mixer and even bought myself some new makeup goodies.

What do you think?

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Lovely recap! May have to do something similar. :)


Thanks Liz! It was really rewarding to take a detailed look at the year.