Making a Floral Arrangement


I hope you liked taking a peak into my home – I sure had fun styling and decorating it! I got so many compliments on my little flower arrangement on the table that I’d thought I’d show you how to make one yourself. It’s very fun and a great way to get creative.

Adding fresh flowers to a room (or bedroom) can really add a special touch and welcoming feeling. I also love to change the types of blooms according to season, making it a great way to decorate in a subtle way.


I started by collecting some blooms for my kitchen and some for my bedroom. For my dining table, I chose a pre-made bouquet full of autumn colors from my local floral store.

You want to make sure you have aย good variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes of blooms as well as some greenery.

How to Make a Floral Arrangement (for a bowl)

1 | Start by choosing a wide and shallow bowl. Fill it with water and some flower food. I usually make my own – you can too.

2 | Using clear tape (or washi for fun) tape a grid pattern over the bowl (round or square doesn’t matter!)


3 | Now go through all the blooms and clean the leaves off the bottom of the stems. Make sure to cut off any leaves that fall below the water line. And separate the blooms by size and remove any pieces I don’t love so much.


4 | Now choose the brightest and biggest flowers for the center of the arrangement. Try to limit it to 1 or 3. The eye likes odd numbers. And the bright color will draw your eye to the center.

(When cutting this stem make sure to keep in mind it will be the tallest stem, and all the other flowers after this will have to be shorter.)

5 | Now use the medium size blooms to add balance. Center them around the largest bloom.

I added the one rose directly below the lilies and then the two yellow daisies to the left and right of the rose. Then I used the smaller-medium red flowers behind the lilies and to the left and right to give the lilies a backdrop.



6 | Now (you guessed it) the little guys. I used the remaining little red flowers to create ‘filler’ for the arrangement. You can use greenery here instead if you like. Keep adding until you like it and then remove a few. This helps create breathing space for the bouquet and I find it to be a good rule of thumb.

7 | Finally add some greenery. My bouquet had these really pretty leaves so I added those behind the lilies and then topped it off with a couple reed looking pieces to draw the eye up.


And done! Let me know if you make your own floral arrangement for Thanksgiving or the holidays – you can tag me on Twitter or Instagram with @observantnomad.

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This arrangement is gorgeous! I had a friend in high school whose mom had a flower shop, and I was always so amazed watching her arrange flowers. It’s like an art in itself! Thanks for sharing, gal! This will definitely come in handy.

I’ve never thought of using washi tape to make a pattern for the bowl. Going to try this when I get home!

Connie Cummings

Love the arrangement